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  1. Southall wrote
    Quite possibly. He’s scored several commercials for D&G over the last few years (directed, unlike this one, by Tornatore). Those were so lushly-scored I’ve really hoped they may get released as download singles (but none of them has).

    Well, I don't like it too much, but no matter. If the maestro is fine with it then I am fine with him being fine with it. smile
    Bach's music is vibrant and inspired.
    • CommentAuthorJoep
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2019
    Well, I remember the infamous ´Remix´ albums approved by the maestro.
  2. I do like the album "We all love Morricone", but this is a compilation of new recordings and interpretations (mostly) and not remixes.
    Bach's music is vibrant and inspired.