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  1. Hi all of you guys. This is Toby the Swede and I am in Hurghada, Egypt and my vacation has been pretty good. Maybe the only bad thing is the frikkin wind but otherwise very sunny. I was in the Sahara desert yesterday and I tell you it was an adventure like I have never had before.

    Even if they have lots of stores but no CD stores. However besides soundtracks I do collect keychains, in fact I own the third largest keychaincollection in Sweden, 2087 (different) ones and here I have ofcourse bought some nice ones.

    I do have heard some film music, it started already at the airport, there was a youngster who was humming the Danny Elfman theme to Simpsons. At this hotel they have some speakers so when we are at the swimmingpool they have played some songs and some of them are from movies. However they have played one instrumental filmtheme, The Good, the bad and the Ugly theme.

    and I will be back in Sweden on thursday
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2009
    Have you considered a career as CNN reporter?
    'no passion nor excitement here, despite all the notes and musicians' ~ Falkirkbairn
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2009
    So you're Toby the Egyptian now? wink

    HAve fun! beer
    Love Maintitles. It's full of Wanders.
    • CommentAuthorTimmer
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2009
    Any Cleopatra's around Toby? wink
    On Friday I ate a lot of dust and appeared orange near the end of the day ~ Bregt
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2009
    Thanks for the report, Tobias. I've never been to Hurghada, but I've been to its "twin city", the bigger Sharm-el-Sheik, and enjoyed it a lot. Excellent snorkling possibilities both places, for example, and scuba diving, if you're into that (I'm not). If I remember correctly, this was a family trip, right? So not much partying and stuff? Anyways, give us a buzz when you've landed safely in Sweden. smile
    I am extremely serious.
  2. Thor, yes you are correct it was a family trip because we celebrated my mother`s birthday (65 years old).

    Martijn, no I have not considered to be a reporter for CNN but maybe I should consider to be a reporter for a travel magazine perhaps? Jokes aside I have worked as a filmcritic and would like to do it again.

    Christodoulides, that was funny and perhaps you`re right, who knows.