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  1. I always like the very emotional scenes, where they bring in the accoustic guitar, to hit that emotional chord.
    It somehow always does the trick with me.

    Of the top of my head these are some examples:

    - 'Dual Transformations' from Ladyhawke (Andrew Powell)
    - 'Home at Last' from Labyrinth (Trevor Jones)
    - 'Admiral and Commander' from Battlestar galactica (Bear McCreary)
    - 'Duduk of the North' from Gladiator (Hans Zimmer)
    - 'Injection' from MI2 (Hans Zimmer)

    or even the synthesised version of accoustic guitar by Harold Faltermeyer in 'Memories' from Top Gun.

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    Timmer wrote
    Oh, and how can I forget John Barry's magnificent 15 minute piece Romance For Guitar and Orchestra for the film Deadfall, an incredible acchievement.

    I've posted this before but what the hell, it's too good not to post again and you even get John Barry conducting in person cool


    The actual score/concert starts at about 2 minutes into the clip

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  2. I haven't read through the entire thread yet, but here's a few recommendations:

    Chad Fischer - Motorcycle Ride (Garden State)
    Chad Fischer - Pool Scene (Garden State)

    Michael Brook - Into the Wild

    William Ross - Rookie's First Day (Ladder 49)

    Richard Thompson - Tim & The Bears (Grizzly Man)

    Gustavo Santaolalla - Brokeback Mountain
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2011
    Michael Brook's a very well known guitarist, if you liked that, check his other works out, he's very talented.
    Love Maintitles. It's full of Wanders.
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    Santaolalla is always the first one that comes to mind in this topic, but nobody mentioned John Williams' STEPMOM in this here old thread, one of my favourite guitar-driven scores. Love those solos by legendary Christopher Parkening (although in an ideal world, it would have been more fun if John Williams had gotten John Williams to perform on it).
    I am extremely serious.