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      CommentAuthorErik Woods
    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2009
    10-CDs/1-DVD Box & a 464-page hardcover book; 344 tracks (CDs), 27 tracks (DVD); playing time CDs: 798:24.

    The greatest-ever tribute to the man they called 'Duke' on the thirtieth anniversary of his death! John Wayne is gone but not forgotten - he is still among the Top Three most popular movie actors of all time. This set includes: -- The soundtrack music to his never-to-be-forgotten westerns! -- All the title songs by the original artists! -- Songs inspired by the movies! -- A 464-page LP-sized book with a biography by historian Richard W. Bann, AND Reproductions of hundreds of his western movie posters from many different countries! -- Stills and lobby cards! -- A bonus DVD with trailers and exclusive 'behind-the-scenes' footage! A man and an actor as big as John Wayne deserves a tribute like this! --- John Wayne was America. And America ...in fact, the entire world... has not forgotten John Wayne.

    Thirty years after his death, the man known as 'Duke' still ranks among the Top Three most popular American film stars of all time. More than any other actor, he chose roles that glorified traditional American values and would not compromise his personal image. 'Don't apologize,' he said in 'She Wore A Yellow Ribbon,' 'it's a sign of weakness.' That was John Wayne, and that's the John Wayne celebrated here in the music and poster art from his many memorable western movies.

    This 10 CD/1 DVD collection contains the rousing soundtracks of his best-loved westerns, including 'The Searchers', 'The Alamo', 'The Sons Of Katie Elder' and 'True Grit'. The artists performing the original soundtrack songs include the Sons Of The Pioneers, Glen Campbell, The Limeliters, Ed Ames, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, and many more. Plus! bonus songs inspired by John Wayne's movies, such as Frankie Avalon's The Ballad Of The Alamo, Gene Pitney's The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and Claude King's The Comancheros. The bonus DVD contains trailers and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage!

    This set contains a 464-page hardcover collector's edition book (LP-size) that includes a biography of John Wayne by acclaimed movie historian Richard W. Bann AND several hundred posters, lobby cards, and stills, reproduced in lustrous color. The artwork captures the boldness and daring of John Wayne's West. The posters are from the USA and many other countries, including Argentina, Japan, Australia, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and Sweden.

    This is by far the most comprehensive-ever collection of the evocative music and art that accompanied John Wayne's western movie classics!

    Click HERE for more info and track listing

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    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2009
    Appears to be a good deal if you're a John Wayne fan.
    listen to more classical music!