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  1. Timmer wrote
    Martijn wrote
    DreamTheater wrote
    I thought it was better handled in the remake.

    Oh dear...

    Also the scares in that one really scared me.

    OH DEAR. shocked
    Now that is a scary notion!

    The remake was laughable.

    I just thought of something, why I like De Bont's version (note that I used the word like, not love) is because of how Goldsmith's score works in it. That and the intricate sound design. It may not be Jerry's best, but it contains some truly hair-raising cues that work wonders in the film. Finally Home for the climax comes to mind. It really heightens the tension and atmosphere, and if it had a lesser score the film wouldn't be quite as effective. Leave it to Mr. Goldsmith to make a bad film into a decent one, just my opinion. On more than one occasion music has been the determining factor on how much I can enjoy a film.
    "considering I've seen an enormous debate here about The Amazing Spider-Man and the ones who love it, and the ones who hate it, I feel myself obliged to say: TASTE DIFFERS, DEAL WITH IT" - Thomas G.