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    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2010
    Artworks wrote
    I justed watched Rambo 4 yesterday, and I thought it was excellent. Sure it had it's flaws, mainly it struggled to balance the "drama" scenes and the pure gore fest (which is the movie's strongest asset IMO).

    But one thing really bugged me as a movie/filmmusic fan. The end scene [spoiler]where Rambo walks towards his father's farm, and you see a view of the road he came from,[/spoiler] while they play the "It's a Long Road" theme - beautifully done.... UNTIL they run out of music, and fade into Tyler's action score, which totally destroys the moment for me. IMO they could have gone with 3 other choices, bid they didn't:

    1. Fade to black after the "It's a Long Road" theme
    2. Lenghten the "It's a Long Road" theme, so it would have lasted until Rambo reached his destination
    3. Fade into Tyler's beautiful and more quiet main theme, which also would have suited the scene

    I don't know who was to blame for this, if it was Tyler, Stallone, the editor or whoever, but I think it was badly done...

    I am extremely serious.