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  1. "Sirens" (rejected)
    By: Geoffrey Burgon

    Traditional orchestra score; no elexctronics. Strings, french horns (it sounds like), woodwinds, and other regular intruments.

    It's a plesant score, but nothing special, and it's just all over ther place with no center or theme that I can recognize.
    Good orchestrations. Have no idea who did them.

    Also has tracks from "Dogs of War", "Life of Brian", "Turtle Diary", and "Labyrinth".
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    • CommentAuthorMatt C
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007
    NP: The Return (Marianelli)

    A bit too contemplative for my tastes, it seems to wander around with little place to go, but is listenable and melodic. It has a bit of JNH's Signs and The Sixth Sense in terms of orchestration, but isn't quite as interesting. Seeing as I'm one of the rare few who enjoyed the film, I do like the "End Titles" cue (which curiously doesn't show up on the album).
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    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2007 edited
    Justin, you headstrong git! Why'd you start another Now Playing thread?
    With the new Search function we can easily go to a hundred pages or more per thread.

    I'm closing this one for now and copying yours and Matt's posts to the XXI thread.
    If anyone has any compelling reasons why we need to go to another thread anyway, by all means drop me or Demetris or Bregt a PM.

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