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    BAFTA Video Games Awards Nominees for 2011.

    http://www.bafta.org/awards/video-games … html#jump8

    Nominations for Original Music:

    Alan Wake - Petri Alanko
    Microsoft Games Studios/Remedy

    Fable III - Russell Shaw
    Microsoft Games Studios/Lionhead Studios

    Heavy Rain - Normand Corbeil
    Sony Computer Entertainment/Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe

    James Bond 007: Bloodstone - Richard Jacques
    Activision Blizzard UK/ Bizarre Creations

    Mass Effect 2 - Jack Wall
    Electronic Arts/BioWare

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Koji Kondo

    I've not heard Richard Jacques' score for Bloodstone but there's some excellent music in the others. I particularly remember being impressed by Russell Shaw's Fable III - much more engaging than his previous efforts in the series - and Koji Kondo's score reprises many of the themes from the original Super Mario Galaxy but the latter effort is not as impressive.

    The ceremony will be streamed on the BAFTA website on 16 March 2011.
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    Alan Wake is a highly ambient score, but has some noteworthy melodic cues as well. It's definitely worth a listen, and there is some music to be appreciated.

    Heavy Rain is extremely emotional, because the game very much IS emotion. Most appropriately scored game of the year IMO. Love how the music functions as an entity, effectively portraying what the characters in the game feel. Could've gotten a better structured album release. First a bunch of themes, followed by a bunch of monotone action cues, isn't the way to do it.

    Mass Effect 2, very good Blade Runner-esque sound designs and cool ambience. Like it a lot, but the album is way too long.

    Fable III, wasn't exactly impressed with it, your basic wallpaper scoring, doing very little for me. Just started playing the game so I'll get another listen and impression while doing so.

    Bloodstone has a large amount of action cues all sounding the same, hardly any variety or calmer moments and I was glad it was over, in all honesty.
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