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    NP: VESPERS (Sergei Rachmaninoff)

    Such a gloriously religious choral piece, my heart melts every time. After I heard this performed live last year (in the Oslo cathedral), I was completely sold and it quickly rocketed into my Top 10 of favourite classical works.
    I am extremely serious.
  1. Yeah, one of the most beautiful pieces. Consider the fact that at that point Rachmaninov was already lapsed and veering towards atheism.
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  2. NP: Revolutions (1988) - Jean-Michel Jarre

    It's been ages since I last listened to this album. I recently bought the Roland Boutique D-05 synthesizer. It's a recreation of the famous D-50 synth that Jarre created a number of factory sounds for. Those sounds were also uses on the Revolutions album which gave me reason to revisit it.
    I consider Revolutions to be one of Jarre's weaker albums. While there is some strong music on the first halve of the album, the second halve features some rather petty tootling. The last track "The Emigrant" sounds like an homage to Vangelis. Overall not bad, but Jarre has done better.

    Bach's music is vibrant and inspired.
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    I disagree. I think it's one of Jarre's best.
    I am extremely serious.