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  1. I was searching through iTunes and I came across a couple of Korean soundtrack albums that I would appreciate some help in identifying. I've also posted over at the FSM messageboard.

    Album 1: This first album is a soundtrack to a 2006 Korean TV series Hwang Jin-i. I have included a link to the album in iTunes and I am looking for who the composer of the score is.

    http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/hwangj … d301761410

    Album 2: This second album is a soundtrack to a film (possibly 2005). The music is composed by Cho Young-Wook. I have had a look at imdb.com but that is not too much help. Again, I have included a link to the music on iTunes and I would appreciate any help identifying the actual film.


    Also, any help in translating track titles would be appreciated.

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