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  1. For anyone interested: my soundtrack album for the french docu-fiction "Rollon - sur les traces du premier Normand" has just been released on CD format by Sergent Major Company!
  2. Hello!
    If interested...
    Between the composition of two soundtracks, I found the time to create a little suite in order to celebrate this year's Halloween.
    It's only on Youtube.
    Good listen and have fun!

  3. Plaza Mayor Company presents
    Original documentary soundtrack
    Music composed by Maximilien Mathevon
    Release Date: 2021/ 12 / 03
    Length: 37'23
    Available on streaming and digital download

    Madame Bovary, the famous novel by Gustave Flaubert, was the subject of a resounding trial upon its release. Accused of undermining good morals, Flaubert had to defend his literary work against the accusations of prosecutor Ernest Pinard. This docu-fiction tells the astonishing story of this trial.

    Track listing:
    01. Chroniques d'un roman (1'57)
    02. Ernest Pinard et histoire d'Emma (4'33)
    03. Ville et médiocrité (1'57)
    04. Ratures, écriture et gueuloir (3'03)
    05. Emma Bovary (2'31)
    06. Le miroir et le procès (3'48)
    07. Le train pour Paris (1'31)
    08. Questions de religion (1'30)
    09. Des scènes subjectives (2'06)
    10. Outrances, boudoir et fiacre (3'07)
    11. Ambiguïtés, modernité et Senard (3'15)
    12. Le verdict (2'03)
    13. Valse d'Emma (2'55)
    14. Thème de l'Affaire Bovary (3'02)

    Listen to an exclusive track on Youtube:

  4. Halloween is coming!
    In order to celebrate, here is a track from my new album "Shockwave 2044" (This time not a proper soundtrack but the "soundtrack" of an imaginary scary movie).