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  1. Hi!
    My latest OST has been released digitally: "Nantes sous les bombes alliées". It’s the soundtrack of a French documentary about the bombing of French city of Nantes in 1943.
    The first 11 tracks on the album feature the score. The last track was especially composed for the album: it is a suite of 11 minutes based on some thematic elements of the score.
    If you wish to listen to it, you can do so on my website:
    http://maximilienmathevon.com/bandes-or … albums.php
    I hope you like it!
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    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2012
    I listened and enjoy your work a lot. I do notice the instrumentation is quite unique. May I ask who the performers are? smile
  2. Thanks! smile As for the instrumentation, I use sample libraries!
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    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2012
    You know, I did suspect that for a moment! But the lyricism of the flute seemed too good for that. Great work tongue
  3. Hello,
    New OST album released: NAPOLEON.

    NAPOLEON is 10 X 52' historical documentary series about the life and work of Napoleon Bonaparte - and what a life! Epic, romantic, tragic, NAPOLEON follows the french emperor from Corsica, France, Italy, spain... to Egypt, Russia and his final exile. From the grandest victories to the most terrible defeats...
    "NAPOLEON" is currently broadcasted on french TV channel "Toute L'Histoire" .
    Audioclips availables here: http://maximilienmathevon.com/bandes-or … albums.php

    Release infos:


    Format: digital download
    Tracks: 25
    Time: 63’ 01
    Release date: 12 / 03

    1. Corse 1769 (1'21)
    2. Napoléon générique de début (0'48)
    3. Napoléon Bonaparte (3'12)
    4. Un monde qui change (2'50)
    5. 12 Vendemiaire (2'45)
    6. Joséphine de Beauharnais (2'12)
    7. Mouvements de troupes (2'05)
    8. Les armées face à face (1'30)
    9. La bataille fait rage (1'24)
    10. La campagne d'Egypte (3'25)
    11. Bonaparte en Egypte (1'33)
    12. Bonaparte dresse ses plans (2'42)
    13. Le sacre de l'Empereur (1'55)
    14. La marche vers l'Empire (3'16)
    15. Napoléon et Joséphine (3'03)
    16. Salons et réceptions (3'30)
    17. Au combat ! (3'14)
    18. Les Autrichiens (2'07)
    19. Amours et relations (2'03)
    20. La campagne d'Espagne (4'37)
    21. Problèmes et revers (2'48)
    22. La campagne de Russie (3'52)
    23. Napoléon en exile (1'48)
    24. Napoléon générique de fin (1'35)
    25. Napoléon le conquérant (3'14)
  4. You can now listen to all the tracks of the album either on my website ( http://www.maximilienmathevon.com/bande … albums.php ) or on deezer ( http://www.deezer.com/fr/album/6145979 ) and spotify ( http://t.co/hwVpnr56 )
    I hope you like it!
  5. I am uploading tracks from my recent (and less recent) OST albums on youtube... Feel free to have a look on my channel there:

    http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC--Y-lE … d?filter=2

    Also, you will find the main theme from the forthcoming documentary soundtrack album "Papa s'en va en guerre", which should soon be released digitally :

    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2013
    Interesting, Maximilien. I'll go and have a look/listen! Thanks!
    'no passion nor excitement here, despite all the notes and musicians' ~ Falkirkbairn
  6. Hello, my latest OST album will be released as a digital download on May the 15th. Details about the release as well as links to a selection of tracks on youtube follow… I hope you like it!

    PAPA S’EN VA EN GUERRE - Original Documentary Soundtrack


    Format: digital download
    Tracks: 15
    Time: 30’ 15
    Release date: 05 / 15


    1. Theme de papa s'en va en guerre
    2. Des familles et des guerres
    3. Des jeux d'enfants
    4. Avant le départ
    5. La guerre en Afghanistan
    6. Les jours de pluie
    7. Le passage des mois
    8. Encore en Afghanistan
    9. En attendant papa
    10. Vies et souvenirs
    11. De retour
    12. Familles réunies
    13. Loin de la guerre
    14. Pour l'avenir
    15. Les enfants de la patrie

    PAPA S’EN VA EN GUERRE tells the stories of those children whose fathers – French military soldiers – went to fight in Afghanistan, risking their lives.
    How do these children live their daily lives during this separation? What are their relationships with their father during the days preceding the departure – and the days following the return? How do they cope with the fear and, sometimes, the loss? Those are some of the questions this documentary tried to answer.

    Some years ago, director Géraud Burin des Rozier and I already teamed on a project involving the war in Afghanistan. This 2009 documentary (almost similarly titled “Papa part à la guerre”) focused on the French soldiers and their mission in Afghanistan. This time round, we went through the mirror to speak about the families who stay in France, waiting with hope and anguish for any piece of news.
    Musically, I was interested in the blending of those notions of pride, courage, fear, loss and relief. The score needed to be subdued and respectful, yet it had to express the joyfulness of youth too – we were talking about children, with children games and children vision of life. So the music had to balance between gravity and light heartedness.
    This is a project I am proud to be part of: a touching and respectful documentary.

    The soundtrack album PAPA S’EN VA EN GUERRE will be available as a digital download on May the 15th.
    (The 2009 “Papa part à la guerre” documentary soundtrack is already available under the title « Mission in Afghanistan »)

    More infos: http://maximilienmathevon.com/bandes-or … albums.php


    « Theme de papa s'en va en guerre » : http://youtu.be/FK2pzTKipNc
    « Des familles et des guerres » : http://youtu.be/FK2pzTKipNc
    « En attendant papa » : http://youtu.be/HChbxN0l6kw
  7. PAPA S'EN VA EN GUERRE is now available for download.
    You can listen to the album on my website: http://maximilienmathevon.com/bandes-or … albums.php
  8. Somehow off-topic: I am putting on Youtube some tracks from my non-soundtrack albums (electronic music, ambient and new-age styles). If you're interested in hearing other aspects of my work (or just curious!) don't hesitate to follow the links. Thank you! (And you can find a bit more infos on those tracks on my FB page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maximili … 1475484888)

    "Heart of winter" (from the album "Heart of winter"): http://youtu.be/Pbr36Nb2tWE

    "L'océan du ciel" (from the album "Estival"): http://youtu.be/d2mpsME7AX8

    "Sea of tranquility" (from the album "Sea of tranquility"): http://youtu.be/rdtSmW0vzKg

    "Canopy part 1" (from the album "Breathing Earth"): http://youtu.be/QKHxt_6FfEQ

    I hope you enjoy those tracks!
  9. New soundtrack album to get released on monday (10 / 14): BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE
    You can listen to 3 tracks on youtube:

    12 - Les temples d'Egypte: http://youtu.be/oSDOboTUz7o

    09 - L'insurrection du Caire: http://youtu.be/fUpFy4727xI

    02 - Le général et l'Orient: http://youtu.be/XR0EqM5AsB4

    Have a nice listen! smile

    Release infos:

    BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE - Original Documentary Soundtrack


    Format: digital download
    Tracks: 16
    Time: 38’55
    Release date: 2013 / 10 / 14


    1. Prologue en Egypte
    2. Le général et l'Orient
    3. Les anglais aux trousses
    4. Le débarquement en Egypte
    5. La bataille des pyramides
    6. Bonaparte au Caire
    7. Le désastre d'Aboukir
    8. L'organisation de l'Egypte
    9. L'insurrection du Caire
    10. L'institut d'Egypte
    11. A la découverte des pyramides
    12. Les temples d'Egypte
    13. Défaite et revanche
    14. Le retour en France
    15. La fin de l'expédition
    16. L'empire d'Orient

    In 1798, general Napoleon Bonaparte left the shores of France with an army and a group of scientists. His destination: Egypt.
    The adventurous campaign of Egypt with its famous battles and its amazing scientific and exotic discoveries, was full of unexpected showdowns… and it taught to General Bonaparte many lessons on the difficult subject of leading people. From military genius, he became a political genius – an asset that would benefit him greatly in the years to come…
    Napoleon again! Less than one year after the series « NAPOLEON », I was working again on a documentary about this fascinating man’s life. But this time the focus was on the campaign of Egypt only.
    It was yet another collaboration with director Ghislain Vidal. I had previously worked on several of his projects, including the historical series “The trials in History” (Les procès de l’Histoire) whose episode “The Duke of Enghien” featured an older Napoleon already played by Jonathan Salmon.
    From the beginning, it was agreed that I would make a very minimal use of authentic ethnic elements – instead, the music for « BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE » would refer to a romantic and sweeping style, which also gave me the opportunity to be very thematic. And there are lots of themes and motives in this music: A main theme, Bonaparte’s theme, the English theme, the « mysterious Egypt » theme, the French army motif, the Mamelouk army motif …. And yet others! I really had a great time composing this colorful and sometime refreshingly “over the top” music!

    More infos:
    maximilienmathevon.com: http://www.maximilienmathevon.com/bande … albums.php
    Facebook page (like!): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maximili … 1475484888
  10. Here is a link to listen to BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE on my website (click on each track title):
    http://www.maximilienmathevon.com/bande … albums.php
    Have a nice listen!
  11. Hello,
    I’m proud to announce the release of my soundtrack album for the documentary series “UNE VIE AILLEURS”. Details and links below:

    Release info:

    UNE VIE AILLEURS – Original documentary series soundtrack

    Format : Digital download
    Tracks : 37
    Total length: 72’ 03
    Release date: 2013 – 12 – 12

    Listen to 5 tracks on YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcgT3eH … 2SALzlCirL
    Listen to the album on SPOTIFY: spotify:user:maxmath:playlist:5kxoem5UtBxhEKK1ykZzQr
    Listen to the album on maximilienmathevon.com: http://www.maximilienmathevon.com/bande … lbums.php#

    Tracklisting :

    01 UNE VIE AILLEURS : La plateforme
    02 Alerte !
    03 Envies d’ailleurs
    04 Le voyage et l’arrivée
    05 La plateforme pétrolière
    06 Julienne et la plateforme
    07 Frayeurs et mal de mer
    08 Visions d’ailleurs
    09 Superstructure
    10 Questions d’intendance
    11 Une plateforme au quotidien
    12 Sujets sensibles
    13 Le changement d’équipe
    14 Le départ de la plateforme
    15 Voyages et découvertes
    16 UNE VIE AILLEURS : Le sous-marin
    17 Le Téméraire
    18 Plongée
    19 Dans les coursives
    20 Sous les mers
    21 Simulation de tir
    22 Le temps sous-marin
    23 Détente et loisir
    24 Loin des familles
    25 L’exercice incendie
    26 Parés à faire surface
    27 Le départ du sous-marin
    28 UNE VIE AILLEURS : Le monastère
    29 L’arrivée au monastère
    30 Vies et offices
    31 Le quotidien des sœurs
    32 Une vie monastique
    33 Douze heures de silence
    34 Rites
    35 La règle du silence
    36 Répétitions et paroles
    37 Le départ du monastère


    UNE VIE AILLEURS is a series of three documentaries about the people who, because of their belief, their life choices or the profession they practice, decided to live in a different way:
    Workers on an oil platform off the coast of Congo, crew members of an atomic submarine or
    Nuns in a Cistercian monastery.

    Although they share common musical themes and motives, this three environments are very dissimilar and each one has its own personality and got its own sound:
    For the highly industrial and metallic nature of the platform, I used metallic clanging sounds and gamelan samples, as well as kalimba and steel guitar.
    For the submarine, I went into a more electronic and militaristic territory.
    And for the monastery, I had to summon a softer sound, using chromatic percussions, harp and piano, as well as electronic enhancements.
    Concerning the elements common to all episodes, I adapted the themes so that they fit the three different moods.
    The album includes music from each episode: The oil platform (track 1 – 15), the submarine (track 16 – 27) and the monastery (track 28 – 37).

    The series will be broadcasted on French TV channel France 5. More infos (In french):
    http://www.france5.fr/emission/une-vie- … 2013-14h50

    Visit my FB page:
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maximili … 1475484888
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2013
    This album is really worth the effort!
    I thoroughly recommend it!

    My first impression can be found here (slightly hidden between the onslaught of Hobbits and dragons).
    I'll try and expand it into a more proper review later on if I have the time.
    'no passion nor excitement here, despite all the notes and musicians' ~ Falkirkbairn
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2013
    I've taken the liberty of changing the topic title from the generic "album release" to the composer's name.
    Bringing out material like this, I would think he rather deserves his own composer topic!
    'no passion nor excitement here, despite all the notes and musicians' ~ Falkirkbairn
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2013
    Maybe change it to our regular all-caps too?
    I am extremely serious.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2013
    Thor wrote
    Maybe change it to our regular all-caps too?

    Quite right, quite right.
    'no passion nor excitement here, despite all the notes and musicians' ~ Falkirkbairn
  12. Now there's a more distinctive thread title. I didn't even notice this thread til now.
    A butterfly thinks therefore I am
  13. Hello readers of MT.
    All my best for 2014 ! In order to celebrate the New Year, I offer a sampler album (a selection of 10 tracks from my latest OST albums). To download the “New year’s selection”:

    1. Go to http://www.maximilienmathevon.com/echange.php

    2. Enter the codes:

    Login: new

    Password: year

    3. To download the file: From a PC: right click on the “floppy disc” icon – then “save target as…” / From a Mac: ctrl + click

    The link will only be available until the 11 January. Feel free to share the info!
    I hope you enjoy the music! smile
  14. Why, that's great! punk Thanks a lot! To you too: All the best in 2014!

    Volker smile
    Bach's music is vibrant and inspired.
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2014
    What a lovely gesture! smile
    Thanks Maximilien, and from me too: all the best, both personally and professionally, for the new year!
    'no passion nor excitement here, despite all the notes and musicians' ~ Falkirkbairn
  15. Thanks! smile
    Here is the tracklist of the album:

    01 Voyages et découvertes (from the album UNE VIE AILLEURS - 2013) 01 :46
    02 Le Téméraire (from the album UNE VIE AILLEURS - 2013) 02 :05
    03 Le départ de la plateforme (from the album UNE VIE AILLEURS - 2013) 01 :46
    04 Thème de PAPA S’EN VA EN GUERRE (from the album PAPA S’EN VA EN GUERRE - 2012) 02 :16
    05 Une histoire oubliée (from the album NANTES SOUS LES BOMBES ALLIEES – 2012) 02 :14
    06 La marche vers l’empire (from the album NAPOLEON – 2012) 03 :16
    07 Les temples d’Egypte (from the album BONAPARTE EN EGYPTE – 2013) 05 :21
    08 The lost paradise (from the album ALAIN GERBAULT, LE COURAGE DE FUIR – 2011) 04 :11
    09 WW1 and dogfight (from the album ALAIN GERBAULT, LE COURAGE DE FUIR – 2011) 05:38
    10 Noctambulia (from the album LA VIE LA NUIT – 2012) 01 :55
  16. Hello,
    A little reminder for those who are interested and haven't already done so: the free album will only be available until january 11 (in 3 days)!
    (see the posts above for dowloading instruction)
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2014
    I heartily recommend it!
    'no passion nor excitement here, despite all the notes and musicians' ~ Falkirkbairn
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2014
    Right, I forgot! Thanks Maximilien. Will have a listen!
  17. Coming on June 16!
    Clips on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Box-Office-Maximi … amp;sr=1-1

    Original soundtracks composed by Maximilien Mathevon
    Publisher / Label: Plaza Mayor Company / The Orchard
    Format: Digital download
    Number of tracks: 7
    Length: 40’ 11
    Release date: 16 June 2014

    Track listing:
    01 Box Office suite 1 (2’03)
    02 Box Office suite 2 (2’31)
    03 Box Office suite 3 (3’04)
    04 Box Office suite 4 (1’23)
    05 A sip of hot tea (13’19)
    06 Etude en noir et blanc (4’15)
    07 Votim Mama (13’32)

    " Box Office " is a compilation of 4 short original soundtracks I composed between 2007 and 2013 - projects that often had only restricted or confidential broadcasting. These 4 projects are:

    - BOX OFFICE (2007 - track 1-4) Short film directed by Olivier Picolet and produced by Globulo. “Box Office” is a macabre comedy focusing on the absurd and the shift of tone. These features can also be found in the score: The music is sometimes burlesque, sometimes sinister, but always tongue-in-cheek!
    Watch the short film on Dailymotion (french):
    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6sww7 … shortfilms

    - A SIP OF HOT TEA (2011 - track 5) " Cédric Carré – Une gorgée de thé chaud / Cédric Carré - A sip of hot tea " is a documentary directed by Philippe Ungar: a portrait of the painter Cedric Carré. The artist explains his vision of his art and takes us to the heart of his creative process. It was an opportunity for me to work again with minimalist and repetitive styling in order to illustrate the creation of the painter’s contemporary works. This musical suite consists on actual material used in the film and alternative versions.

    - ETUDE EN NOIR ET BLANC (2013 - track 6). This suite that I named "Etude en noir et blanc" includes preliminary work composed for a political and strategic documentary involving the Cold War period. Unfortunately, that movie remained just a project and never saw the light of day. This project, however, allowed me to happily work again with jazzy moods!

    - VOTIM MAMA (2010 - track 7). A documentary by Igal Kohen about elections in Papua - New - Guinea and the struggle of a candidate against the corruption that prevails there . The idea for me was to compose a discreet and minimalist music that could recreate the bittersweet atmosphere of the film, ranging from hope and determination to resignation and sadness.
  18. There's a nice mix of styles on this new album from Maximilien. The tracks from Box Office itself are the most interesting for me followed by Cédric Carré – Une Gorgée de Thé Chaud (A Sip of Hot Tea). Though I wish that, with the latter soundtrack, it could have been presented as a series of tracks rather than a large suite.

    Definitely worth checking out.
    The views expressed in this post are entirely my own and do not reflect the opinions of maintitles.net, or for that matter, anyone else. http://www.racksandtags.com/falkirkbairn
  19. Thank you Alan, I 'm glad you like it. As for the suite format, (be it for the "a sip of hot tea" track or the "Votim Mama" one) it was a difficult decision - as it always is when it comes to edit tracks and try to give the album presentation the best flow. In this case, those scores consist of many very short tracks and I felt the flow and evolution of the music would be best served with the suite presentation. Of course, ultimately, this is down to pure subjectivity wink