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      CommentAuthorErik Woods
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2012
    On the Score with Fans of Film Music 3
    By Daniel Schweiger

    Among the many interests of musical fandom, admirers of film soundtracks have grown through the decades to reach an estimated number of 3,000 hardcore collectors. And while this number of these score aficionados might pale before the pop-rock masses, their devotion towards the power of movie music remains unmatched, especially in a new golden age where it seems that just about every score they’ve dreamed of coming out is being released weekly through any number of boutique label collector’s editions. Yet the corresponding closure of record stores, and the communal meeting spots they represented have gone down just as drastically, leaving a far-flung community of soundtrack fans mainly united through the worldwide web.

    In 2009, these enthusiasts were first brought together in the packed mixing studio of Film Score Monthly by its founder Lukas Kendall. Among the attendees eager to meet those with a shared soundtrack passion was Peter Hackman, an Indiana superfan who hatched upon the idea of adding composers to the mix. The result was Fans of Film Music, an event begun in 2010 at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, where a few dozen collectors came to hear panels attended by such notable musicians as John Debney, Brian Tyler, Ken Thorne, Lee Holdridge, and many more. Signings and socializing were the order of a few hours as fans united to meet their idols.

    Now in its third year, Hackman’s latest edition of Fans of Film Music has grown to become a sold-out event at the Beverly Garland hotel in Los Angeles, the epicenter of movie music where 100 fans from across the globe gathered to attend a day long event, filled with friends, autograph opportunities, album dealers and two panels whose participants represented an impressive collection of film music’ past and future. And of course, On the Score was there to cover this convention for two special episodes.
    In the first podcast, host Daniel Schweiger moderates a wide-ranging discussion with Bruce Broughton (“Young Sherlock Holmes”), George S. Clinton (“Austin Powers”), Trevor Morris (“Immortals”), Walter Murphy (“Ted”), William Ross (“Touchback”) and Craig Safan (“The Last Starfighter”) about the state of the art of film composing and soundtrack fandom.

    FOFM3 continues its celebration as superfan and super soundtrack music agent Richard Kraft moderates a panel that includes Marco Beltrami (“Knowing”), Robert Folk (“Police Academy”), Deborah Lurie (“9”), Graeme Revell (“The Crow”), Edward Shearmur (“Sky Captain”), Theodore Shapiro (“The Campaign”) and Disney legend Richard Sherman (“Mary Poppins”).


    A must listen!

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    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2012
    Thanks for the share, Erik!
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2012
    And just for the record....I was not the one asking the question about album presentations, if that's on there (my brain isn't working properly to listen to it now). But I did get more than a few glances when it came up. smile
    I am extremely serious.