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    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2014
    Screamworks Records presents

    Sororal (Christopher de Groot)

    http://moviescoremedia.com/screamworks/ … -de-groot/

    Screamworks Records presents its latest exotic genre offering, the independent Australian giallo thriller by co-writer/director Sam Barrett. Sororal tells the story of Cassie (Amanda Woodhams), an average girl tormented by visions of terrifying murders. Her life is thrown into disarray when a mysterious detective comes to her with a bombshell: he reveals that the visions are depictions of real murders that she couldn’t possibly have seen. Cassie’s pain now has a face, and she must stop the killing at all costs. The twisted, childlike killer targets Cassie’s loved ones, and the race is on to stop her. Cassie is thrown together with her former lover as they scramble towards a shocking revelation that will change everything.

    The thrilling score for Sororal was nominated in the category of Best Original Music at the 26h West Australian Screen Awards. The music is written by Christopher de Groot, a Melbourne based composer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser. Primarily a pianist with a background in jazz and classical composition de Groot has a strong interest in music for film having scored several feature films. His more recent credits include a new score for Dimitri Kirsanoff’s 1927 masterpiece Ménilmontant, The Director’s Cutwhich won the Western Australian Screen Award for its music and Sam Barrett previous movie, Esoterica.

    As the genre suggests, Sororal is inspired by the sound of Italian giallo scores, including the works of Dario Argento’s own favorites like Goblin and Ennio Morricone. The diverse score combines electronic and acoustic resources, including choral music recorded at the St Paul’s Catholic Church in Perth. Christopher de Groot’s music is some of the most refreshing and eclectic horror music to be heard in a contemporary film – while it’s paying tribute to its genre predecessors, it is also totally unique, challenging work with and highly original concepts that properly compliment the inherent nastiness of the giallo.

    SWR14012 • SORORAL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Music Composed by CHRISTOPHER DE GROOT
    Release date (digital): July 08, 2014


    1 Main Title 1:26
    2 The Painter 1:40
    3 Diana Rolls into Town 2:10
    4 Cassie or Diana 1:54
    5 Afraid No More 2:35
    6 Hide and Seek 3:59
    7 Face to Face 3:19
    8 Apollo Come 3:27
    9 Needle in the Heart 1:57
    10 Racing to Hector 1:19
    11 Want to Wake Up 2:28
    12 She Puts the Eye in Stiletto 2:39
    13 Victims in Common 2:39
    14 Unicorns and Self Portraits 5:12
    15 The Killer Stalks 2:47
    16 Evaporating Pain 1:58
    17 Father No 1:16
    18 I Always Get What I Want 2:05
    19 Kelly Gets Taken 2:32
    20 Photos of the Dead 3:29
    21 Relatively Normal 2:16
    22 Shockwaves of Pure Love – Finale 3:44
    23 Escape Sosa 0:45
  1. Listening to this now and I'm really loving the combinations of electronic and acoustic sounds. I'm not that familiar with the Italian Giallo film genre and soundtrack to know how similar Sororal is to that style, but it's a great little score.

    A definite "thumbs up" from me!
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