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  1. I need to give JL another listen. I kind of like its classic approach, but I'm having the same problems I've always had with Elfman's action style in general. His themes have been his greatest strength for me, and so far I like what I heard, especially the already mentioned WW references, which must be his best action scoring, like, ever, but usually, his action is too chaotic for me.

    Also, I'm a continuity freak, so of course I would have preferred the MoS and BvS style, but if it's true that the movie is different in tone to its predecessors, I might be okay with the old theme's reappearance. Not that I don't love them, I just think I'll find it odd, especially in regards to Superman. I'll probably be okay with Affleck's Batman getting the Elfman treatment, but Elfman's ego here is a bit over the top. It's okay he wants to use his theme again, but claiming it's the original theme kind of ignores a tiny detail from long ago, doesn't it? Not that I would want to hear THAT, of course.
  2. christopher wrote
    I love that score! It’s totally gorgeous.

    Finished my first listen to JUSTICE LEAGUE. I like it....The new theme is fine, though oddly similar to the avengers theme. The action music is some of the best I’ve heard this year.

    Can't argue with these sentiments.
    • CommentAuthorAnthony
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    Is the Wonder Woman theme only in Wonder Woman Rescue?
      CommentAuthorErik Woods
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    Anthony wrote
    Is the Wonder Woman theme only in Wonder Woman Rescue?

    No, it pops up again in The Final Battle!

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  3. NP: The Last Horizon - Dimitri Tiomkin

    The RCA remaster of the Gerhardt album plus "The Thing (From Another World)" suite taken from Play it Again: The Classic Sound of Hollywood.


    EDIT: Well, Lost Horizon actually. Got something mixed up here. dizzy
    Bach's music is vibrant and inspired.
    • CommentTime2 days ago
    DARKEST HOUR - Dario Marianelli

    Haven’t heard much yet, but from what I’ve heard this seems to be Marianelli once again on top form.
    • CommentTime1 day ago
    NP: TOKYO GHOUL (Don Davis)

    This is great. I had expected the action stuff to be too demanding for my tinnitus-afflicted ears, but it works reasonably well. It's far more tonal than something like WARRIORS OF VIRTUE, JURASSIC PARK III or even THE MATRIX. Once in a while, a new score of this type slips through my "anti-action" filter.
    I am extremely serious.