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    Featuring Original Music by Composer Joseph Bishara

    (August 14, 2018– Los Angeles, CA) – void recordings presents the debut release on vinyl and digital download, MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER on August 18. The album features original music by composer Joseph Bishara (Insidious 1-4, The Conjuring 1&2).

    MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER is a collection of 27 unreleased and developmental score pieces from the first three Insidious films. Composer and creature performer Joseph Bishara delves into the raw takes, pre-scores and unreleased sequences written to sonically define the world of Insidious.

    The colors of each film emerge through the body of work with an avant-garde composition style influenced by classical, early goth and industrial music as well as Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter’s works. Noted multi-talented rebel of the horror film score, Bishara employs "gut-wrenching string dissonance, haunting electronic sounds and sudden crescendos" (ASCAP.com) in his use of strings and percussion to create effects designed to evoke "maximum shock effect" in the listener.

    The original Insidious garnered Bishara the Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Score on the film. He went on to compose music for its sequels Insidious Chapter 2, Insidious Chapter 3 and Insidious: The Last Key. MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER is from this dark astral realm of horror.

    Beyond his work on Insidious films, Joseph has been both composer and creature performer in The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle. Formerly guitarist and keyboardist from the LA industrial music scene, Bishara segued to soundtrack work on Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Heavy Metal 2000, and John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars. Bishara’s credits also span from rap to hardcore to film as a music producer. His music production work includes the soundtrack for the cult musical film Repo! The Genetic Opera and its successor The Devil’s Carnival, as well programming and remix contributions for artists such as Tech N9ne, Marilyn Manson, Rasputina, Danzig, Jane’s Addiction and Nine Inch Nails.


    1 Further dreaming

    2 red out of blackness

    3 dwarf apparition

    4 void figure 8

    5 void figure 4

    6 dead family materialization

    7 void figure 6

    8 the purity

    9 refusal

    10 moments in void

    11 taped vision

    12 shadows are your home now

    13 not the house

    14 the kept in the Further

    15 seen through

    16 into the Further 2

    17 I’ll show you

    18 the dark room

    19 ghost room

    20 broken through

    21 calling the dead

    22 visit the injured

    23 compelled awake

    24 long passings

    25 Further entry

    26 out while alive

    27 reaching Further

    void recordings presents the debut release on vinyl and digital download, MORE MUSIC FROM THE FURTHER on August 18.

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