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  1. "Rio Bravo" from Intrada sold out (without any advance notice I saw).

    Just letting you guys know so you can go hunt one down before prices go up on copies.
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  2. New from Music Box Records:

    REVENGE (2018)
    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Music Composed by ROB

    World Premiere CD Release. Expanded edition.
    64 minutes of music, including 3 previously unreleased tracks.
    CD booklet with French director Coralie Fargeat's statement.

    Ref: MBR-134
    Release Date: February 12, 2018

    In collaboration with Hippocampus, M.E.S. Productions and Monkey Pack Films, Music Box Records presents the premiere CD release of the score to the 2017 French rape and revenge horror film Revenge composed and performed by Rob (Maniac, Seuls, Made in France).

    Three wealthy, middle-aged CEOs, all married family men, get together for their annual hunting game in a desert canyon. But this time, one of them has come along with his young mistress, a highly sexy lolita who quickly arouses the interest of the two others, but things get out of hand. Left for dead in the middle of desert hell, the young woman comes back to life and the hunting game turns into a ruthless manhunt...

    For this revenge movie, somewhere between Kill Bill and Delivrance, Rob composed a very edgy and dark electronic musical score.

    For this premiere release of Rob’s Revenge score on CD, Music Box Records has added three bonus tracks which do not appear on digital or vinyl releases.

    Revenge, directed by French newcomer Coralie Fargeat, comes to French theaters in February 7, 2018.


    1. Revenge (6:03)
    2. Peyotl (1:17)
    3. Apple Bikini (0:47)
    4. Rape Part 1 (3:12)
    5. Rape Part 2 (1:26)
    6. Rape Part 3 (0:47)
    7. Tree of Death (2:10)
    8. Jen in the River (1:23)
    9. Revenge Pad (8:05)
    10. In the Eye (1:21)
    11. Cave (3:31)
    12. Eagle Hero (1:15)
    13. Duel (2:19)
    14. Woman Hero (2:24)
    15. Venom (1:33)
    16. Naked Man (1:51)
    17. Casbah Part 1 (2:30)
    18. Casbah Part 2 (3:16)
    19. Eagle Soul (3:49)
    20. Revenge Slowpads (6:01)

    21. Venom Long (Early Demo) (2:39)
    22. Trash Slow (Take 4) (2:13)
    23. Venom Fast (Early Demo) (3:57)

    Total Time • 64:04

    For sound clips and available for order, please visit: https://www.musicbox-records.com/en/5742-revenge.html

    HOUSE OF CARDS (1968) / 3 INTO 2 WON’T GO (1969) / BERLIN AFFAIR (1970)
    Three Original Motion Picture Soundtracks
    Music Composed and by Francis lai
    Arranged and Conducted by Christian Gaubert

    World Premiere 2-CD Release.
    115 minutes of unreleased music.
    12-page CD booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai.
    Limited edition of 750 units.

    Ref: MBR-124
    Release Date: February 12, 2018

    The first 70 copies purchased directly from our online store will be autographed by the composer, Francis Lai (offer limited to 1 autographed copy by customer). Autographs are available while supplies last and are not guaranteed.

    In collaboration with Universal Pictures, Music Box Records announces the 2-disc collection Francis Lai at Universal Pictures which featured three previously unreleased scores by the composer. The three scores are arranged and conducted by the talented Christian Gaubert.

    Three Into Two Won’t Go is a 1969 drama in which Rod Steiger plays travelling salesman Steve Howard who hooks up a free-spirited hitchhiker. While leading a double life seems fun at first, the girl turns up at Steve's home and moves into the place. Even though it’s a pop score at heart, Francis Lai captured the central conflict of the film with a relatively simple musical solution - creating two different musical worlds to represent Steven’s relationship with his lover and her wife. Two great love themes and a handful of fun source cues cover the entire score of this title.

    House of Cards (1968) marks the earliest collaboration of Francis Lai and Universal represented on this disc - the John Guillermin-helmed spy adventure stars George Peppard as a world-weary boxer who hooks up with a wealthy window as he becomes a tutor to her son. The appearance of a Neo-Fascist group disrupts the idyllic life and is followed-by a cross country manhunt culminating in a showdown at the Coliseum. The typical Bond-inspired potboiler gets an engaging and energetic spy jazz score with Lai providing a great theme song as well as memorable action cues.

    The second disc is dedicated to Berlin Affair, a 1970 TV movie about a bounty hunter who is tasked with hunting down a former associate. Believing his friend is innocent, Pete Killian (played by Darren McGavin) tries to help his pal until it is revealed that there is indeed malicious intent in the background. Throw in a beautiful girl entangled in the extortion business, the 90-minute television film offers more than 50 minutes of top drawer spy jazz scoring, including a thunderous main theme and a sweet love theme that recalls "Diamonds Are Forever" (though this was written earlier).

    The three scores on the album have never been released before and have been fully mastered from complete scoring session elements, stored in Universal vaults. The 12-page booklet features rare photos as well as an essay by Gergely Hubai discussing the composer, his work with Universal as well as each film and score. Limited edition of 750 units.


    DISC 1:

    3 INTO 2 WON'T GO (1969)
    1.Three into Two Won't Go (Main Titles) (3:35)
    2. Eyes (1:22)
    3. Leaving (1:21)
    4. You Married Young (3:42)
    5. Ready (1:59)
    6. Cinema (1:00)
    7. Steve's Return / In the Garden (4:29)
    8. Adoption / Five Pound Note (1:33)
    9. First Time Home (1:24)
    10. Alone (3:59)
    11. Dinner (1:04)
    12. Arrival / Afterwards (2:10)
    13. End Titles (0:49)

    HOUSE OF CARDS (1968)
    14. House of Cards (Emblem and Prologue) (2:15)
    15. Château de Cartes (2:13)
    16. Scene on the Seine / Danger and Death (4:29)
    17. The Villa (2:07)
    18. The Arsenal / Over the Roof (1:57)
    19. The Human Concert (1:45)
    20. Ballroom Source (2:42)
    21. Reno Arrives (1:25)
    22. Château de Cartes (Instrumental) (2:16)
    23. Restricted / Fruitful Flight (1:55)
    24. Trip to Rome (1:17)
    25. Forced Finale (3:11)
    26. Flame Game (1:42)
    27. Meeting Day (2:17)
    28. Château de Cartes (Alternate) (1:53)
    29. Château de Cartes (End Credits) (2:16)

    Disc 1 Time • 65:22

    DISC 2:

    BERLIN AFFAIR (1970)
    1. Berlin Affair (Main Titles) (3:20)
    2. Steinplatz (3:36)
    3. Paul and Pete / Information Center (0:38)
    4. Pete Left for Dead / Klaus (3:45)
    5. Blonde (2:06)
    6. Wendi and Pete / Wendi Meets Paul (3:55)
    7. Jet Flight (0:54)
    8. Berlin / Albert and Camera (0:47)
    9. Phone Call (3:22)
    10. Everything / To Catch a Friend (0:45)
    11. Pursuing Pete (3:15)
    12. Pete in Gallery (2:08)
    13. Wendi (1:22)
    14. Galt Handcuffed (2:40)
    15. Wendi Takes Money (2:02)
    16. Languin (0:25)
    17. Pete Loves Wendi (2:53)
    18. Antique Store / Taped Wristwatch (1:01)
    19. Showdown (1:23)
    20. Wendi's Death (3:13)
    21. Joe Taunts Pete (1:06)
    22. Bugged Telephone / Berlin Affair (End Titles) (1:01)
    23. Berlin Affair (Main Titles) (Alternate) (3:35)

    Disc 2 Time • 50:07

    Total 2-CD Time • 115:29

    For sound clips and available for order, please visit: https://www.musicbox-records.com/en/574 … tures.html
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.

    You have until February 27 to get the following from Intrada (the remaining copies may sell out before then):

    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
  4. Coming from Intrada this year, as posted by Roger:

    Feb 20th Release

    Actually there won't be one, as some folks in this part are taking a brief respite before the onslaught of the rest of the year. Coming later this year, more of your favorites: Goldsmith, Horner, Conti, more Horner, Silvestri, more Goldsmith, Moross, Rubinstein, and of course Broughton. Maybe even some Delerue

    Asked about John Barry...
    It wasn't meant to be a comprehensive list...but that was a big omission on my part. Yes Barry too.
    The views and opinions of Ford A. Thaxton are his own and do not necessarily reflect the ones of ANYONE else.
    • CommentAuthorlitefoot
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    Quartet's Oscar-related four releases:

    Silence of the Lambs (Howard Shore)
    Platoon (Georges Delerue)
    Love Story (Francis Lai)
    Amarcord (Nino Rota)