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    MovieScore Media presents
    Original Motion Picture Score

    Music Composed and Conducted by

    Sound clips and more info:

    Limited CD edition (500 copies) distributed by Screen Archives Entertainment:

    Download album in 320kbit mp3 format here:
    http://www.filmmusicdownloads.com/WebFi … tm?id=6042

    Download album on iTunes here:
    http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSt … p;s=143441

    "Nico Muhly's unusual, insinuating work significantly augments the drama and psychological shadings" - Variety

    "Nico Muhly's score is provocatively lush and moody..." - Hollywood Reporter

    "Bereft of popular conventions, Muhly's score supports scenes with a refreshingly discrete and subtle approach to suspense and horror." - KQEK

    "Brilliantly scored by Nico Muhly - the use of the off-key piano chords are an invaluable atmospheric addition..." - N:Zone

    With this strikingly original score, young composer Nico Muhly, who has worked extensively as an editor, keyboardist and conductor for Philip Glass, conjures the atmosphere of a claustrophobic apartment - a place where psychological terror strikes in this award-winning horror feature directed by George Ratliff. "It begins sun-drenched and idyllic, with bells, harp, and piano outlining a wholesome and growing family," the composer explains. "Gradually, the piano becomes an antagonist... and as Joshua becomes more and more menacing to his mother, the piano moves to registral extremes, obsessing over the highest and lowest notes of the keyboard... The score ends with severe trombones and wailing violins; a complete subversion of the optimistic beginning."

    Ever since the film's theatrical premiere (it was released by Fox Searchlight last summer), we have been working hard to acquire the soundtrack rights to this extremely well-crafted and very disturbing score - and now it's here! This was in our humble opinion one of the finest film scores last year!

    MMS08005 JOSHUA: Original Motion Picture Score
    Music Composed and Conducted by NICO MUHLY
    Release date: March 11, 2008.


    For a preview of our upcoming CD releases (we have made a major update!), please visit http://www.moviescoremedia.com/comingsoon.html
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    Have pre-ordered this one, it's sounds very interesting. Muhly's website is a good read too, an articulate and fascinating writer. And he's very young, only 27 I think. (And another Corigliano protege)