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    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2008
    Got this from FSM board...


    Some of my money will be going this way as soon as I'm flush enough.

    Harnell did some top class work for TV and his Incredible Hulk scores were exceptional. cool
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  1. Don't know if anyone will be interested, but Harnell scored three episodes of "In the Heat of the Night", and the American cable channel, WGN, which shows two stright hours of the series every morning from 10:00 to noon (CST), and those episodes will be airing:

    Wednesday and Thursday

    They begins Season 2. I can't comment on the scores, as I caught the sries in re-runs from aroudn the end of Season 2, and thusly never had a chance to hear his efforts. Not released on the Harnell website as of yet.
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