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    • CommentAuthorLudwig
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2020
    Hi all! I'm a music theorist, educator, and composer with a love for, above all, film music and classical music. Up until mid-2018, I worked as a professor of music theory but the academic life was not for me, so I left the profession and now am focusing on building online courses in music analysis and composition. I love to discuss analytical and compositional points about music and pretty much anything classical, so I hope to jump into these kinds of discussions on this board and meet many of you.
  1. Welcome Ludwig! Sadly activity around here has been pretty quiet lately, but hopefully there will be some good talks for you to take part in sooner rather than later. beer
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2020
  2. Yeah, welcome!
    Well, since you are into classical music, there is of course a namesake jubilarian, that we can expect to hear a lot about this year. smile

    Bach's music is vibrant and inspired.