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    I tend to choose soundtracks based on how they appealed to me when I was watching the movie they came from. So I generally don't buy material based on a favoured composer. However, I do have a preponderance of certain composers in my library, so that may serve as a proxy (either of composers I enjoy or movies I like). My iPod tells me there is a lot of John Williams, Elmer Bernstein, David Arnold, John Barry and Jerry Goldsmith, with Williams coming out the clear winner.

    I also enjoy classical music a great deal, tending towards composers who write music that intersects with what I think of as "movie style" music, most notably Gershwin.

    I have many interests other than soundtracks, many of which involve designing and creating things. My interests range from designing haunted house props, to working on my themed-room house, to making and giving motivational trainings to writing to artwork...etc., etc., etc. You can see samples of some of this on my website: www.markck.com.

    I am actively involved in pirate re-enacting. My photo is from my stint as a captured pirate surgeon. The role so interested me that I am currently working on a book on the topic.
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