100 Rifles

Jerry Goldsmith

" 100 Rifles fire off enough excitement "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Goldsmith in western mode wasn't that uncommon during the 60's and 70's, and yet 100 Rifles isn't that all known. Perhaps it's got to do with the sound of the recording. Because I'm betting this one would soar a lot better once it would receive a re recording in the vein of Hour of the Gun. That said, even in the limited sound capacity, 100 Rifles unleashes the thrills a composer like Jerry Goldsmith brought so easily. Again, composers of today, just admire and breath in the level of excitement, pace and rhythm he could bring so easily. Either aggressive ("Cliff Fight") or with sheer enthusiasm ("Escape and Pursuit"), Goldsmith creates the danger and adventure of the film with just an orchestra. He breathes life and danger into the picture, making it an experience on itself. That said, even Goldsmith's best intentions are limited because of the limits of the recording, and again this would benefit from a re recording (which will undoubtedly happen in the years to come). Because music like this, no matter how old still shows the generation of today that detail, themes and rhythm do matter in films, and more importantly in film music.

In terms of thrill, tempo and excitement, Goldsmith unleashes another doozie ("Escape and Pursuit").
The main theme, always a delight.
The sound, or the lack of depth makes 100 Rifles not so engaging as it would have sounded during the recording of it.

Track Listing

In Stereo
1. Main Title (1.28)
2. The Hanging (3.10)
3. Escape and Pursuit (3.54)
4. The Church (1.15)
5. Journey to the Fort (3.58)
6. I Want Their Heads (1.39)
7. Cliff Fight (1.23)
8. Burn And Pillage / Retribution (5.02)
9. Burning the Stronghold / New Morning (3.59)
10. Lyedecker and Sarita (2.33)
11. Across the Plains (1.06)
12. Ready for Ambush (1.33)
13. I'll Go Back (1.41)

Source Music
14. Mariachi #1 (Stereo) (2.07)
15. Mariachi #2 (Mono) (1.35)

In Mono
16. Main Title (1.28)
17. The Hanging (3.12)
18. Escape and Pursuit (3.54)
19. The Church (1.15)
20. Journey to the Fort (3.58)
21. Our String Has Done Run Out (2.14)
22. I Want Their Heads (1.40)
23. Cliff Fight (1.25)
24. Downhill Ride (5.14)
25. Burn And Pillage / Retribution (5.03)
26. Burning the Stronghold / New Morning (3.56)
27. Lyedecker and Sarita (2.33)
28. Across the Plains (1.06)
29. Ready for Ambush (1.33)
30. Eulogy for Sarita (1.33)
31. I'll Go Back (1.31)

Total Length: 77.58
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Released by

Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 2 No. 1 (limited release 1999)

Conducted by

David Tamkin

Orchestrations by

David Tamkin