A Summer Story

Georges Delerue

" A rather unmemorable story "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

A Summer Story looks like another delightful Delerue breeze, but somehow this score passes me by. The lack perhaps of that special main theme, who knows. But it's true the main theme isn't all that memorable. It's nice of course, but doesn't make that unmistakable click you're so used to coming from Delerue. In the begin, the music does bare a bit of resemblance with Our Mother's House, which ought to be a good thing. But with that resemblance it remains, and A Summer Story never reaches that momentum again. Several harsh moments aside, this is as easy as that gentle breeze, without becoming memorable. The end title cue is nice, and the one that will be mostly remembered. Ah, all in all a rather smooth listen and perfect for background listening. Nothing more.

The music's nice, couldn't get otherwise with Delerue at the helm.
Nice yes, but unmemorable too. Not the theme, not much else lingers behind.

Track Listing

1. Love in the Loft (1.50)
2. Summer Poem (1.39)
3. We Meet Megan (1.00)
4. Sheep Shearing (1.20)
5. Ashton Arrives (3.21)
6. Waiting for Megan (1.57)
7. Falling in Love (1.30)
8. Coming to Town (0.34)
9. Abandoned (4.57)
10. Flashback and Rescue (2.10)
11. The Gentle Maiden (Instrumental) (1.50)
12. Return to the Hill (3.27)
13. At the Beach (0.35)
14. Megan Leaves Forever (1.45)
15. Missed the Train (1.20)
16. Megan at Work (0.50)
17. Night Meeting (1.29)
18. Megan in the Field (1.17)
19. Thinking of Ashton (0.35)
20. Ashton's Son (Theme from A Summer Story) (3.23)

Total Length: 36.49
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Released by

Virgin Records 7 90961-2 (regular release 1988)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue