Agnes of God

Georges Delerue

" Agnes of Delerue (sorry God) "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Agnes of God (recently re released by Varèse) is one of Delerue's more personal efforts. At one end quite lovely and warm, especially when Delerue delivers us the emotional yet sober main theme for Agnes. At another end quite eerie, sinister when the darker drama starts to unfold. Sometimes they're found in one and the same track ("Entering Convent / Main Title"), but mostly they divide the listening experience. The more sinister tracks are of course a bit weaker in terms of pleasure, but they do create the perfect mood for the score. The occasional vocals do help in raising the drama and the religious backbone of the setting. On the other hand, when Delerue opens the gates towards heaven with his main theme it's truly divine. "Marie Madeline" and especially "End Titles" are wonderful and exceptional cues. Reason enough to get an Oscar nomination at the time. Agnes of God is personal, effective, quite moody in places but extremely brilliant once the drama is raised. Enough to recommend it once again for all you Delerue lovers out there.

Effective score, raising the eeriness when needed.
Gloriously divine too, once the main theme takes over. One of his most sincere melodies.
I can understand that people are put off by the sinister tone. I'm not always fond of it as well.

Track Listing

1. Sister Agnes (1.47)
2. Marie Madeline (3.29) Excellent track
3. Mother Finds Baby (1.53)
4. Charlie’s Suite / Married to God (2.54)
5. Immaculate Conception (3.39)
6. Agnus Dei (0.32)
7. Livingston Finds Agnes / Graveside (2.25)
8. I Had A Baby (1.38)
9. Let Me Help You (1.14)
10. The Lady (1.44)
11. Entering Convent / Main Title (5.56)
12. End Titles (3.29) Excellent track

Total Length: 30.40
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 063 500 8 (limited release 2016)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue

Performed by

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra & The Elmer Isler Singers