Beyond: Two Souls

Lorne Balfe

" A true filmmusic score for a extraordinary video game experience "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

It's been 3 years since Quantic Dream amazed us with Beyond: Two Souls, and yet it feels just like yesterday when I rushed through this game. All because I'm hearing the filmmusic of Lorne Balfe again after all this time. This feels truly like filmmusic, not game music. Because the game is a film, and the emotions (whether dark or light) are brought forward perfectly through Balfe's music. The themes are the driving force of this score, but the overall tone and mood is equally perfect. A perfect companion to the game, and one that truly elevated the game to its highest potential. See the trailer to get a taste of the real strength of Balfe's music (Trailer Beyond: Two Souls)

A motion picture experience unlike no other, Balfe sets the tone just right.
The main theme, "Jodie's Suite" is goddamn terrific, a combination of the best assets of the Media Ventures school.
Like the main theme, "Dawkin's Suite" is an equally powerful combination for samples and vocals.
"Beyond" unleashes the light version of the suspense theme, the Beyond theme. I love how Balfe lets this theme grow to its most powerful version later on in various tracks too.
A sound on its own, "Aiden's Theme" is a perfect counterpart to the warm emotional theme of Jodie, a cold and alienating sound for the entity.
The diversity in which Balfe uses the themes ("Childhood Experiences", "Treason", "The Infraworld")
The combination of Aiden's sound and the suspense theme, knowing Aiden's bringing the terror to the teenagers in the game.
There are hardly any flaws, this score breaths and feels like a perfect balanced experience. Kudos!

Track Listing

1. Jodie's Suite (4.31) Excellent track
2. Dawkin's Suite (4.27) Excellent track
3. Beyond (3.43) Excellent track
4. Aiden's Theme (3.19)
5. The Experiment (2.30)
6. My Imaginary Friend (2.15)
7. Childhood Memories (2.41) Excellent track
8. Homeless Life (1.16)
9. The Party Revenge (2.08) Excellent track
10. Hunted (1.44)
11. Treason (2.12)
12. Norah (1.51)
13. Lost Cause (1.40)
14. Black Sun (2.46)
15. Jodie's Story (3.12)
16. The Infraworld (3.49)

Total Length: 44.04
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Released by

Lakeshore Records LKS 346372 (regular release 2016)

Conducted by

Matt Dunkley

Orchestrations by

Matt Dunkley & Tony Blondal

Vocals by

Tori Letzler