Black Robe

Georges Delerue

" Black Robe is calmer than I imagined it to be "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Black Robe is one of the last Delerue scores, but also regarded as one of his best. Sadly I don't see why. It's a nice score, but lacks magic in various compartments. First of all, this is a short score, and a score that hardly leaves room for development. Except for the nice finale "Libera Me" (which is 5 minutes long), we have 2 tracks which last longer than 3 minutes, making the rest pretty short in time. The tracks try to start something but lack the time to finish it. Not that this is a particular problem with other scores, but here it leaves you wanting ... more. The theme is also nice but restrained, and hardly memorable if you compare it with the many epic themes of Delerue's career. The few action pieces have heavy percussion and frantic trumpets, but again that's it. And the other music is calm, eerie and sometimes don't amount up to anything (which is why I was dissapointed by the track "Chomina Prepares to Die"). Black Robe might by highly effective for the movie, but somehow I was expecting ... more. Shows why it's best to expect nothing. Now my anticipations were already high, and then disappointment comes all too easy. Black Robe is nice, but serene. For the movie this is probably perfect, but for my anticipation it was not enough.

"Libera Me", a nice finish to an otherwise calm experience.
I was expecting more. More from the theme, more from the drama, more from the action.

Track Listing

1. Black Robe Main Title (1.53)
2. Daniel and Annuka (1.50)
3. The Journey Begins (1.11)
4. Daniel Rescues La Forgue (0.57)
5. First Kiss (1.36)
6. Flashback (1.21)
7. Conspiracy (1.27)
8. Lost in Forest (3.20)
9. Flagellation (1.41)
10. The Journey Continues (0.45)
11. Traveling (0.30)
12. Hostile Country (1.23)
13. The Iroquois Attack (1.46)
14. The Natives Abandon La Forgue (2.19)
15. Chomina Decides to go Back (0.50)
16. The Escape (2.38)
17. Chomina Prepares to Die (4.00)
18. The Final Canoe Trip (1.23)
19. La Forgue's Farewell to Daniel and Annuka (1.09)
20. Taretendi and La Forgue (0.41)
21. Libera Me (5.02)

Total Length: 37.42
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5349 (regular release 1991)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue

Performed by

Strings Plus & The Sydney Philharmonia Choir