Bright Angel

Christopher Young

" Mysterious, relaxing, eerie, forgettable, you pick "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Christopher Young was tackling all the genres in the begin of the 90's, proving he was a versatile young voice making a name for himself back then. Bright Angel will remain one of the more obscure works of his career, and the reason might be because it is a bit meandering to begin with. What begins with sweet melody soon turns to mystery and eeriness, often providing nothing else than ethnic flutes and solo vocals. The kind that quickly puts your mind on background mode, as it's not the kind of material that wows you after a while. As said, the opening (and closing track) is a nice sweet melody for guitar, and shows a gentle voice of the composer. In "Wasteland White Light" the mystery ethnic touch already begins to take over, and more or less never lets up after that.

It's often relaxing, but after a while the eeriness really begins to take form, providing us often with meandering tracks where nothing much truly happens. In a way, it's relaxing for a background experience (due to its mysterious nature). But then again, is this telling us something too? Well, aside it's effectiveness not a lot. Making it one of the more uninteresting works of Christopher Young's career. Again, this ain't bad listening, just nothing terribly exciting. The kind of music that will form a film, not elevate it. So Bright Angel might open nicely, but changes soon right after that.

Track Listing

1. Bright Angel (3.30)
2. Wasteland White Light (3.41)
3. Sweetgrass Hills (2.44)
4. Milk River Runaway (2.24)
5. Lost Lullaby (2.46)
6. Nothing Worth Hiding (2.12)
7. Fish Feel Pain (4.01)
8. Sunburst (3.25)
9. Things Pass Too Fast (3.47)
10. Red Rover, Red Rover (3.49)
11. Just Another Casper Night (6.22)
12. Too Morose? (2.00)
13. Wheatstraw Blind (4.29)
14. Gateaway (5.26)
15. Trails End Where They Should (2.35)

Total Length: 53.11
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Released by

Intrada MAF 7014D (regular release 1991)

Orchestrations by

Christopher Young