Bugigangue no Espaço

Alexandre Guerra

" I don't really believe that someone other than Alexandre Guerra would have crafted a much more inspired score. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the regular release

Bugigangue no Espaço (Gadgetgang in Outerspace) is a Brazilian animation film filled with adventurous elements and portions of humor, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the film is a good display of the kind of enormously uninspiring type of animation projects that we have seen a thousand times before. Alexandre Guerra, who has made a great impression upon me with O Tempo e o Vento, O Vendedor de Sonhos and his contributions to Tudo Que Aprendemos Juntos, was attracted to write the score.

It almost comes as no surprise that the run-of-the-mill feel of the film is somehow reflected in its respective score. I must say the music is exactly as expected and does everything by the book. The orchestrations and performances of the orchestra and additional elements of a theremin and viola caipira are handled with great care and you get the distinct feeling that it is done by a professional composer. Beyond these fine musical technicalities there is little to nothing that sets this score apart from a great bunch of others, lacking any musical identity of its own. The old-fashioned orchestral sweeps of the strings and brass sections often seem to resemble well-known (space) scores, while sometimes having a general feeling of déjà vu. The heroic action material is a perfect showcase of a composer who knows how to write bold orchestral music, but cannot avoid making them sound like anonymous pieces of wallpaper. What doesn't help either is the fact that the music has harmonic orchestral layers against the overbearing, blatant use of the technique of mickey mousing, resulting in a bouncy and tiresome experience.

Generally, when someone has to write the music to such a mediocre type of animated film like Bugigangue no Espaço , there is little room to stray away from the basic rules of film scores. I don't really believe that someone other than Alexandre Guerra would have crafted a much more inspired score. So that idea provides me with some comfort, as well as the fact that he has proved himself to be a composer able to write memorable music to other films.

The music was released digitally on 13/02/2017 by Tratore.

Track Listing

1. Abertura Bugigangue (1.06)
2. Os Invas (1.47)
3. Tema Bugigangue (1.04)
4. Bike Chase (3.42)
5. Invas Acidente Com Helix (1.15)
6. Confederados e Chegada Gana (2.28)
7. Perseguição à Nave Inva (1.23)
8. Ponto do Ônibus (0.50)
9. Queda da Nave Inva (2.56)
10. Combustivel Inva (0.47)
11. Planeta Kilax (0.59)
12. Chupacabra Chase (1.21)
13. Encontro Com Rei Inva (3.53)
14. Ataque Nave Et (1.09)
15. Batalha Em Incus (4.38)
16. A Caminho do Templo (2.25)
17. Tesouro Inva (3.09)
18. Gana No Templo (2.26)
19. Gana Convoca Confederados (2.29)
20. Ataque Aos Robôs No. 1 (1.58)
21. Ataque Aos Robôs No. 2 (2.44)
22. Ataque Aos Robôs No. 3 (2.49)
23. Ataque Aos Robôs No. 4 (3.02)
24. Fim de Gana & Prisão de Hur (1.26)
25. Inauguração da Estátua (1.55)
26. Martelinho de Ouro do Espaço Sideral (1.45)

Total Length: 55:09
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Released by

Tratore (download only release 2017)