Carmen y Lola

Nina Aranda

" The sparse score Nina Aranda wrote to Carmen y Lola is an impressive effort "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the music as heard in the movie

Carmen y Lola is a 2018 Spanish film directed by Arantxa Echevarría The film tells the story of the growing love between two girls, set within the old-fashioned Gypsy culture in the city of Madrid. One of the girls is set to be married to a boy from another family, which makes this kind of a Gypsy variation on the Romeo and Juliet concept. For the film the director surrounded herself with about 75 percent of females in key position in making the film, including the original score by composer Nina Aranda.

The film includes music fitting to traditional weddings, much like the Gypsy music heard in the cinema of Tony Gatlif. While some of the music is related to flamenco music, specific dance music (bulerías and fandango) can be heard during the ceremonies. Additionally, a typical alboreá song (only during the actual wedding) and an evangelistic cult song are heard in the film.

Concerning the actual score by Aranda, the words sparse and short immediately spring to mind. The gypsy music has a much more prominent role in the film, while the score is heard in very few, short scenes. In these scenes a viola solo theme reflects on the intimate moments the girls share. The composer uses the deep and low sensibility of the instrument in a mix with digitally processes sounds, creating great pieces of isolated beauty. It is especially strong in the ceremonial scene in which the two girls dance briefly, interrupting all other sound sources, to highlight their small intimate encounter. Most of scenes accompanied by the music of Aranda, are set in deserted places, a staircase or a drained swimming pool, in which the theme plays a quintessential role in aiding the feeling of a forbidden love.

The sparse score Nina Aranda wrote to Carmen y Lola is an impressive effort. She has written music to a few (short and full length) films, which I haven´t seen, but I am anxious to hear more from this composer.

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