Georges Delerue

" Bold main theme sets the score on fire from the beginning "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Cartouche wasn't my first Delerue score, but it became the first score I reviewed of him. And I knew the theme, so it was evident it was going to set this score on fire. Audio wise there is some power lacking from this Prometheus recording, but it still holds enough oomph to set it apart from the rest. Because let's face facts. Cartouche has a pompous theme, a theme that will be remembered over time. Plus it holds various other themes, like the lovely Vénus theme and a couple of interesting and lovely sub themes, showing you Cartouche definitely came from another era. The adventure tracks are very pompous as well, while the theme returns perhaps a bit too much for my taste. The final track surprisingly doesn't repeat the theme but ends with a powerful fanfare instead. Cartouche is all in all classic Delerue, that's already evident after one listen. It has various themes that will be remembered, some beautiful moments of music ("Goodbye, My Love") and an overall acceptable sound quality. Of course, perhaps it's wiser to go for the recently released version of Disques CinéMusique as it will probably deliver the best possible sound quality.

Wow, what a pompous beginning! That main theme truly packs a punch!
A lovely tranquil baroque-esque theme is also present, totally the opposite of the bombastic main theme.
A wonderful variation on the theme in "Desertion / The Gang Leader", it's fun to hear.
A wonderful playful theme turns up for the woman Vénus.
When it comes to romance and beauty, Delerue was truly one of the best ("Goodbye, My Love").
Okay, it is evident that the sound is lacking power (though ultimately I've heard worse).
The adventure tracks are not that easily remembered.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (2.19) Excellent track
2. Aristocrats and Thieves (1.57)
3. Malichot's Quarters / Escape (2.02)
4. Memories (1.29)
5. Once upon a Time (1.19)
6. Brave Soldiers (1.55)
7. Victors and Losers (1.53)
8. Coach (2.44)
9. Vénus and Cartouche (2.11)
10. Enemies / The Promise (1.50)
11. Desertion / The New Gangleader (3.03) Excellent track
12. Evening for Vénus / Festivities (2.04) Excellent track
13. Old Mill (2.01)
14. Goodbye, My Love (3.35) Excellent track
15. Turkish Legation (2.32)
16. At the Castle (3.54)
17. Vénus and Cartouche (Reprise) (1.57)
18. Fight for Freedom / Death of Vénus / Festivities (4.56)
19. Jewels for Vénus (1.33)
20. Cartouche's Theme (0.55)
21. End Title (3.42)

Total Length: 49.51
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Released by

Prometheus PCD 104 (regular release 1989)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue