Jerry Goldsmith

" Chinatown ... where sultry themes roam ... "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

The celebrated Chinatown was for many a success, not the least for Jerry Goldsmith who received an Oscar nomination for it. It almost received as many album versions as nominations, making Chinatown a big deal for record labels and fans. For me it's a stylish and intriguing affair, one which tends to lean too heavily on its sultry main theme. Take in consideration that 3 tracks aren't even composed by Goldsmith, and 2 main theme versions are heard in begin and middle, and you seem to get the idea that the middle has to be of unique quality to behold that famous reputation. Well the middle is effective, but either very sinister or unleashing too many main theme statements. The sinister material is quite good, and gets the job done effectively. And the main theme keeps repeating its strengths all too easily as well. But it's not a score that gets that much attention from me, especially considering its short length and lack in themes. No Chinatown is good for a quick listen, and it immediately transports you to the movie's story. But for those expecting the next classic, it lacks both in variation and in highlights.

Sultry main theme keeps enlightening the mood, film and album.
Mood is spot on, and shows Goldsmith's knack for creating a sound.
Diversity is slim, and main theme is used too frequently.

Track Listing

1. Love Theme from Chinatown (Main Title) (2.04) Excellent track
2. Noah Cross (2.31)
3. Easy Living * (1.52)
4. Jake and Evelyn (2.48)
5. I Can't Get Started: Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra (3.39)
6. The Last of Ida (3.02)
7. The Captive (3.11)
8. The Boy on a Horse (2.08)
9. The Way You Look Tonight ** (2.19)
10. The Wrong Clue (2.35)
11. J.J. Gittes (3.09)
12. Love Theme from Chinatown (End Title) (2.02) Excellent track

* Composed by Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger
** Composed by Dorothy Fields & Jerome Kern

Total Length: 31.20
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VCL 0512 1129 (limited release 2012)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton