CHiPs - Vol 2: Season 3

Alan Silvestri

" All the imaginative and wonderful ideas from Volume 1 are missing from this CD. "

Written by Justin Boggan - Review of the limited release

A vastly inferior effort, one could even say a Night and Day difference. All the imaginative and wonderful ideas from Volume 1 are missing from this CD, that doesn't sound inspired or like time was taken to think of them.

Aside from the alternate theme and track 6, I can't for the life of me listen to the CD again. It is like there wasn't even any effort put into the construction of cues; it's like Silvestri just relied on the kick-beat and cymbal tapping to drive tracks and then lay on some uncreative and aimless stuff on top.

Like mentioned, the new arrangement of the theme which was going to be used for Season 3, but dropped, is interesting. It opens with the deep thumps that the Volume 1 tracks "Ponch's Disco" opened with, then there is some of Silvestri's ideas inserted into his new arrangements. The new end credits is unremarkable, and you're left thinking, "Wait -- that's it?".

Some of the tracks are what I refer to as "song/score" (like Goldsmiths "Legend") where it begins like score, but lyrics kick in and during the cue it switches back and forth.

There is one episode called "High Octane", and I kid you not when I say the track by that name features such lyrics as: "High, high, high, high octane; gotta get, gotta get". I repeat (and so does the track): "High, high, high, high octane; gotta get, gotta get" gotta get it the hell out of my CD player!!!

George Romanis scored one episode this season, which was left off to provide you with girls singing about "high octane".

This reviewer is not left with a smile on his face or happy from the CD listening. I don't think I can see my way into buying Volume 3. Season 1 had way better out put -- that should get a couple CDs.


1. Main Title * (1.17)
2. High Octane (4.22)
3. Bumper * (0.07)
4. Counterfeit (3.59)
5. Valley Go Home! (2.55)
6. I'll Ride With You (Roller Disco) (3.47)
7. Roller Disco (5.21)
8. Small Amount (Roller Disco) (1.56)
9. Death Watch (2.43)
10. Drive, Lady, Drive (4.05)
11. Return of the Supercycle (4.19)
12. Hot Wheels (3.20)
13. The Watch Commander (6.50)
14. Destruction Derby (1.15)
15. Second Chance (2.50)
16. Wheeling (2.22)
17. Christmas Watch (4.14)
18. Jailbirds (4.08)
19. Kidnap (1.07)
20. E.M.T. (2.12)
21. Off Road (1.24)
22. Tow Truck Lady (1.27)
23. The Strippers (1.41)
24. Thrill Show (3.42)
25. Nightingale (4.59)
26. Dynamite Alley (1.37)
27. End Title * (0.29)

* John Parker / arranged by Silvestri

Total Length: 78.28
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Released by

Film Score Monthly Vol. 11, No. 10 (limited release 2008)

Conducted by

Alan Silvestri;

Theme by John Parker

(which Silvestri provides a new arrangment of)