Cobra Kai (Season 2)

Zach Robinson and Leo Birenberg

" Cobra Kai sheds its snake skin "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Get ready for a new season of Karate Kid magic. Season 2 continues where 1 left off, the return of Kreese, the addition of new members for both dojo's, the inevitable confrontation at the end and a rise of 2 composers that show what this series is all about. Yes Cobra Kai 'Season 2' adds a few extra punches, not the least by a rousing finale that is both visually and melodically mind-blowing. It starts with rousing fashion with "Miyagi-Do Fix-Up", because not only is the 80's style back, it also hides the main heroic theme in between the dancing disco rhythms for you to find out. The composers do flex their innovative muscles more in season 2, because "Like a Dance" couldn't be more enjoyable. Again the 80's vibe, a returning melody that sets the cement truck in motion and a perfect example of how the Cobra Kai universe diversifies.

The selection jumps styles from then on, always delivering just the right kind of atmosphere that the scene requires, whether it's comedic "The Internet", painfully honest in "I Got Old", the shouting chorus adding Cobra to the Kai in "Tory with a Y" or just like Bill Conti and his Karate Kid magic in "An Old Friend" and the oh so tantalizing "We Are All Miyagi-Do". The underused serene Daniel Larusso theme returns in "Fatherly Advice" (which goes to show the series does benefit from returning melodies), all the while the melody of Johnny Lawrence becomes more apparent here too, a tantalizing guitar solo inflicting enough pain and remorse ("You're the Champ").

The music for the many, many fight scenes are always entertaining, and form a foundation for the climax at the end. "Mall Fight" has that foundation, and underscores it with gusto and class, leading to an explosive finale when the 2 dojo's use their school as the ultimate fighting ground in an epic visual feast. It's then also incredibly important you bring the 2 pieces together "I'm Coming for You, Bitch" and "Hallway Hellscape" for they are the ultimate showstopper. Relentless energy and never ending musical ideas tied together, exploding in the one and only eruption of the main theme at the end. Yet the action music sounds much heavier and more orchestral when both sensei's fight each other, giving much more power and meaning to their brawl ("Apartment Skirmish"). It goes to show that both composers have really discovered which buttons to push to give each personal struggle its own specific sound.

Important to remember is the wonderful new version of "Cruel Summer", that truly gives emotional weight to a wonderful twist at the end of season 2.

I love how the theme of Robinson & Birenberg is repeated endlessly, yet you can't get enough of it. Through constant variations, it constantly tells us the story of 2 Dojo's isn't told just quite yet. But both composers do more than just use one theme, and returning melodies for Daniel and Johnny (but less frequently used) show there's more color and meaning behind everything. And when they either bring rock, 80's pop or plain old Bill Conti magic, this 2nd season shows that there's a lot more than meets the Cobra eye. Cobra Kai 'Season 2' is just bigger and badder than season 1, and this counts for both the series as the musical ass-kicking score. Robinson and Birenberg are really stepping up, and delivering powerful but more importantly meaningful music that truly enhances the Cobra Kai spirit. Enough to get you excited for what's coming next.

Track Listing

1. Miyagi-Do Fix-Up (2.33) Excellent track
2. Snake Fight (2.18)
3. The Wheel Technique (1.54)
4. Like a Dance (3.12) Excellent track
5. The Internet (1.25)
6. I Got Old (2.53)
7. An Old Friend * (1.25) Excellent track
8. Shochu-Geiko (1.24)
9. Tory with a Y (1.59)
10. Furious Hawk (1.11)
11. Medal of Honor (1.24)
12. Into the Snake Pit (2.27)
13. Military Exercise / Who's Gonna Break (2.14)
14. New Students (0.59)
15. Fatherly Advice (1.48)
16. Mall Fight * (1.39) Excellent track
17. You're the Champ (1.34)
18. We Are All Miyagi-Do * (2.49) Excellent track
19. Busted (0.50)
20. Worthy Opponent (2.12)
21. Kan-Geiko * (1.07)
22. Sam and Robby (1.23)
23. Mercy and Honor (2.23)
24. Apartment Skirmish (1.07)
25. Black Paint on a White Wall (1.42)
26. I'm Coming for You, Bitch (1.38)
27. Hallway Hellscape (3.37) Excellent track
28. Scale the School (0.51)
29. Hawk's Prey (1.30)
30. Rematch (2.08)
31. Fallen Soldier * (2.40)
32. Voicemail (1.00)
33. In It No Matter What (1.39)
34. It Belongs to Me (3.25)
35. Cruel Summer: Kari Kimmel (2.31) Excellent track

36. Hawk's Tattoo (1.51)
37. Comic Store (1.15)
38. Make a Move (0.30)
39. Cement Truck (0.43)
40. Awkward (0.39)
41. Lifting the Rock (0.47)
42. The Lull Between Battles (1.32)
43. Coyote Creek (0.48)
44. Rehab (1.59)
45. Miyagi-Do Commercial (0.50)

* includes score composed by Bill Conti for the motion picture The Karate Kid (1984)

Total Length: 77.24
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Released by

La-La Land Records LLLCD1541 (regular release 2021)