Come See the Paradise

Randy Edelman

" Powerful trailer music makes the album partly worth it "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

It's strange for a movie that few people have seen to have gained such notoriety over the years, but that's the case of Come See the Paradise. And as it stands now, Come See the Paradise still remains one of Edelman's favorite scores. Or should I say memorable for one of Edelman's most phenomenal cues. You must have heard it by now, even if you didn't know it. Because it has appeared over 25 trailers now. "Fire in Brooklyn Theatre" it is called, and it's a brilliant build up of suspense and power that made it the perfect trailer music companion (see and hear the results in the trailers of A Few Good Men, Clear and Present Danger, Rob Roy and Thirteen Days to name but a few). Anyway, it's barely over a minute long, but Edelman unleashes the perfect candidate for your vote of the track of the year. It's that memorable. It however opens with another simple but emotionally stirring "Love Theme", a simple combination of Edelman's piano and strings colliding to form one specific theme. The effect easily reminds us of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, holding the same combination of the piano melody suddenly erupting to the more powerful synthesized / orchestral version, creating a powerful impression. What we hear after that are a combination of various songs and short selections of Edelman's music. In one way it's definitely not enough. Half of the album's length (33 minutes) is devoted to the period songs, the other to 30 seconds tracks that are based on 2 powerful pieces. In a way you could say that it's worth stopping after 6 minutes. But those 6 minutes create something. The first track is a typical Edelman theme that rises to the challenge. The second one, one of the most powerful cues he ever unleashed in his career. Again not enough for the prices you see it available now. But aren't there other ways nowadays? Itunes anyone?

2 tracks, one in particular for being one of the finest cues of Edelman's career.
Plenty of versions of the 2 themes in a lot of short cues. This album doesn't recover after that powerful opening.

Track Listing

1. Love Theme (4.41)
2. Fire in Brooklyn Theatre (1.18) Excellent track
3. Shikataganai (0.24)
4. Love is the Sweetest Thing: Mark Earley (3.11)
5. Lily and Mini (0.46)
6. Flower That Blooms in the Rain: Mariko Seki (2.19)
7. Kawamura Family Theme * (2.47)
8. Jack and Lily (1.22)
9. Nevertheless: Mark Earley (1.46)
10. You Can't Spit at Heaven (0.49)
11. Forget Me Not: Sanse Hosaka (3.25)
12. Little Tokyo (0.54)
13. Terminal Island (0.37)
14. Santa Anita * (0.37)
15. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree: Teri Eiko Tolde, Jumi Emizawa, Cynthia Lawren (2.26)
16. Bad Days (0.27)
17. Love Birds: Syoji (2.18)
18. Nine Tiny Seconds * (0.46)
19. A Little Bag of Magic (2.07)

* additional music by Jake and Alex Parker

Total Length: 33.12
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD 5306 (regular release 1997)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Greig McRitchie