Conseil de Famille

Georges Delerue

" A showcase of various styles "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Conseil de Famille is an interesting score, a score where Delerue infuses the electronic sound of the 80's in an otherwise laid-back subtle orchestral score. It's weird and yet interesting to hear electronic thumps accompanying harmonica or subtle light bass. But it's all in the name of Conseil de Famille, an LP release of Milan records. The first side covers many variations, or so it seems if you see the track listing. But actually it are various tracks, often bringing something completely different from the theme. It's when we go to the more familiar track titles we receive 80's synthesizer music, music you don't place alongside Georges Delerue. But it all adds and delivers the more rugged and suspenseful life of Johnny Hallyday the thief. In fact, the more you listen to the second part, the more you get to hear Delerue's familiar tricks at work. Like the playful rhythms in "Sur la Route des Chantiers", or the upbeat sound of "Vacance D'été" which reminds me a lot of "Afrikaan Beat" by Bert Kaempfert. I mean, Conseil de Famille is practically a showcase of various genres and sounds, and somehow they all seem to work together to deliver a decent and interesting soundtrack.

In terms of originality and flair, you won't find them better from Delerue.
Several tunes and themes remain to capture the imagination, no matter in what form they are presented.
Synthesized Delerue doesn't sound ugly at all.

Track List

1. Variation (Générique Début) (1.38)
2. Variation (1.46)
3. Variation (2.23)
4. Variation (2.19)
5. Variation (1.44)
6. Variation (2.04)
7. Francois (1.33)
8. Martine (1.17)
9. Suspense (1.20)
10. Sur la Route des Chantiers (1.37)
11. Vacance D'été (2.32)
12. Faucon (1.32)
13. La Mère & le Violoncelle (0.41)
14. Générique Fin (3.30)

Total Length: 25.56
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Released by

Milan A-264 (regular release 1984)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue