Crimes of the Heart

Georges Delerue

" Crime if you don't listen to it once "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Georges Delerue's Crimes of the Heart can be summarized by its wonderful theme, a combination between the saxophone's first part and the wonderful upbeat dramatic second part. Both those receive their separate versions apart from one another throughout the album, and its safe to say they are never as strong when they are joining forces in begin and end. In between that, Delerue keeps it lovely, dramatic, occasionally upbeat (like the scherzo in "Broom Chase") or rather somber (like the dramatic saxophone in "Old Granddaddy"). Though always lovely, somehow Crimes of the Heart can best be described in 2 tracks (the begin or end title and the lovely dramatic "Night to Day" (though reminding me from time to time of Medicine Man), everything in between is lovely but mostly centered on the theme. In the end, a good compilation piece can recreate the same magic of this release, save for a completist's wish who wants to hear the whole deal. It would be a crime though if you never heard the theme at least once or twice or ...

Another theme of Delerue to kill for.
Save for the occasional reminder I hear Medicine Man in it, "Night to Day" is truly lovely as well.
While overtly nice, the entire album focuses too much on the main title.

Track Listing

1. Introduction (2.43)
2. Crimes of the Heart (4.32) Excellent track
3. Meg (1.46)
4. Ice Cream (2.45)
5. Doc Porter (3.29)
6. Babe (1.01)
7. Night to Day (2.07) Excellent track
8. Broom Chase (1.45)
9. Lonely Hearts Club (1.05)
10. Meg and Babe (1.51)
11. Study (1.48)
12. Flirtation (1.40)
13. Willi Jay (2.46)
14. Toes (1.50)
15. Bus Ride (0.34)
16. Old Granddaddy (2.44)
17. Sunset (1.39)
18. Main Theme (1.00)
19. Willy Jay Away (1.35)
20. Dusk for Night (1.41)
21. Crimes (0.30)
22. End Title (4.33) Excellent track

Total Length: 45.24
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VCD 47278 (regular release 1986)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue