Curly Sue

Georges Delerue

" Lovely Sue "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Curly Sue seemed like perfect business for composers like Elmer Bernstein and David Newman. Composers who can both accentuate the comedy and the drama all too easily. Well, Delerue appears to be another. And when he was able to combine that, he was able to pour heart into Curly Sue. And that he has, with a lovely main theme. The theme is of course all over the place, but thank god it's quite long so that repeating it all too often leaves a lot of room for slight variations. That and the bouncy sax music takes care of variation all too well. The 3 songs bring diversity as well (despite interesting me less), leaving room for a smooth listening experience. Curly Sue ain't high art, but it's quite lovely and easy to appreciate. Plus it has one of the more interesting themes of Delerue's career. A soft little theme that has much more magic than it first appears to have. Look for it on some of his compilations.

The theme definitely makes the score. Pouring a lot of heart into the character and the CD. Plus it has development!
That final track is Delerue at his best. Truly memorable.
The bouncy saxophone music creates the necessary variation. In a way the songs do that too.

Track List

1. Main Title (3.07) Excellent track
2. Thirty-Five-Thirty (3.35)
3. Two Shades of Grey (2.26)
4. Innocent Believer: ZYZ featuring Terry Wood (4.33)
5. A Hot Bath and Pizza, Ahh! (1.02)
6. They Cut my Hair (2.17)
7. Big Girls Go to School (1.43)
8. Grey Was A Girl Once, Too (3.47)
9. Yacht Club Swing (3.10)
10. Git Down: ZYZ featuring Andrea Salazar and Kenyatta Vaughn (4.53)
11. Every Girl Needs a Mom (4.49)
12. Someone's Always Hitting Bill (1.40)
13. Bill Can Be Cool / Shop N' Bop (2.57)
14. The Train Calls to Bill (2.30)
15. You Never Know: Ringo Starr (3.55)
16. Separation and Reunion (3.47) Excellent track

Total Length: 50.11
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Released by

Giant Records 7500-24439-2 (regular release 1991)