De Halvt Dolda

Leif Jordansson

" original and quite unusual music "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the regular release

De Halvt Dolda is a Swedish television series that was launched on television channel SVT in January of 2009. The script is written by Jonas Gardell, is directed by Simon Kaijser and stars David Dencik, Ia Langhammer, Ulf Friberg and Christoffer Hedén. The dramatic series follows three Swedish families in between 1970 and today and shows what happened to them. It's about death, religious intolerance, alcoholism, failing as a parent and more of those dramatic themes.

Leif Jordansson composed the music for the series. Jordansson was an original member (the guitarist) of a Swedish band called Badliver and has also written music for opera's, theatre plays, dance performances and (short) films. In 2003 he wrote the score for Kometon, a 30 minute silent movie and for short films such as Aldrig en absolution and Dark Floors. Jordansson is also a member of a experimental musical group called the Great Learning Orchestra.

The music from the series is full of variation and a lot of different instruments. The atmospheric sounds that it combines are quite difficult to describe. While using the Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, the composer also uses a lot of different guitars (elgitar, elbas, a Portuguese) and organs, English horn, harmonium, synthesizers (mellotron for example) and much more.

The music was recorded in three sessions: one with the orchestra, one with a quartet (cello, pump organ, the Portuguese guitar, English horn and additional instruments) and a last session with all other instruments. The composer himself played the Portugueze guitar, vibraphone, banjo, harmonium, KP2, mellotron, celesta, kantele (Finish plucked string), elbas, elgitarr, glockenspiel and flygel.

Jordansson's music is melodic, playful, melancholic, atmospheric and sometimes very unnervingly experimental. The melancholy material is extremely moving and reminded me of Eleni Karaindrou, while the hypnotic music in a cue such as "En Stilla Bön" sounded like Popol Voh.

Overall this is a very interesting score, that never bores one really. One minute you're intrigued by some mysterious melancholic music, the other minute you're listening to electric screeching guitar sounds and synthesizers effects combined with more original, atmospheric combinations. But to be fairly honest, I didn't like all the music I heard. Some of the more noisy passages and unusual moments worked on my nerves. Nonetheless, I would still like to recommend this score to anyone who likes to listen to the work of a composer who writes original and quite unusual music. De Halvt Dolda was the first release of a new Swedish label called Brus & Knaster. Hopefully we can expect more score releases from this new label in the nearby future.


1. Den Osynliga Hinnan (Öppning) (2.10)
2.En Spricka I Himlen (1.49)
3. Dörrar (1.44)
4. Mellan Drömmar Och Bränder (3.36)
5. Genom en Spegel (1.05)
6. De Halvt Dolda (0.54)
7. Hemkomst (4.08)
8. Änglar På Vakt (1.05)
9. Vägen Tillbaka (2.20)
10. En Stilla Bön (8.17)
11. Som en Tavla (0.57)
12. Transformation (1.26)
13. Genom Ett Fönster (0.57)
14. Vårflod (1.52)
15. En Spricka I Isen (1.28)
16. Flykt (1.23)
17. Den Osynliga Hinnan (2.50)
18. Bortvänd (2.18)
19 Mellan Två Världar (6.41)
20. De Halvt Dolda (Avslut) (5.23)

Total Length: 52.23
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Released by

Brus & Knaster BRUS001 (regular release 2009)

Conducted by

Jonas Dominique

Performed by

the Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester