Death Becomes Her

Alan Silvestri

" Great score for the movie, but on disc it is a near death defying experience "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

This score proves once again that the trustworthy talents of Alan Silvestri are flawless for understanding a movie's need. In other words: "it fits the movie like a glove". But in other circumstances Death Becomes Her is one of the most disappointing listens of fis career. This all because it doesn't offer even a spot of musical magic. The movie takes the limits to the impossible and becomes mostly enjoyable when Silvestri's music reaches the really dark, almost nostalgic line. But take the subject out of its context and we have a listen that doesn't do anything on a compact disc.

Death Becomes Her uses the exact word, it is like this score is dead. Many have probably already heard the end titles of Death Becomes Her (found on Silvestri's Castaway release). And taken completely out of its nature, that particular piece is really enjoyable. But for 35 minutes it is 30 minutes, way 30 minutes too long. The violins create a nostalgic mood and Silvestri very well captures the essence on screen but that's basically it.

"Me" is one of the only pieces where we receive a different musical style. Of course the comedic medley of Meryl Streep is enjoyable for all its worth. The music of Silvestri itself works and clicks all the right buttons but only the "End Credits" do make me a happy camper. Because everything else is like standard Silvestri put into animation mode, underscoring everything that happens. This doesn't mean it becomes frantic, it means it becomes a drag to listen to.

Basically this soundtrack offers us dark shrieking violins with a sense of mystery or tragedy. But never it becomes something remotely different in mood. You can as director or producer only be blessed with a score like this, but movie fans who enjoy a good listen will not feel the same way. It's like this score simply doesn't offer us music but a constant tone or motif that tries to work as musical material. Alan Silvestri delivered the ultimate ode of movie music accompaniment but outside it fails miserable. This Death Becomes Her gets the credit inside the movie, loses it outside and never recovers from it. Making it a darn shame for a release on disc.


1. Main Title (1.36)
2. "Me" * (2.55)
3. Woman on the Verge (1.01)
4. Lisle (1.04)
5. A Touch of Magic (2.18)
6. Now, A Warning (0.49)
7. Sempre Viva (1.47)
8. Another Drunk Driver (2.10)
9. Hurry Up, You Wimp (1.59)
10. It's Alive (2.43)
11. Helen Spies (2.03)
12. Another Miracle (2.26)
13. I'll be Upstairs (0.43)
14. Loving You (3.12)
15. I'd Rather Die (2.43)
16. End Credits (5.46)

* Performed by Meryl Streep, Music by Geoffrey Aymar

Total Length: 35.53
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5375 (regular release 1992)

Conducted by

Alan Silvestri

Orchestrations by

William Ross