Descente Aux Enfers

Georges Delerue

" Descent aux boring-ness? "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Descente aux Enfers is a darker dramatic movie starring the then young Sophie Marceau. Delerue's music (at the time only available on LP) was apparently quite sought after. Reasons unknown to me, considering for me it's one of Delerue's less interesting scores. Of course the source of the material didn't demand for lush and beautiful music, so don't expect it here. In fact, much of the music is rather soft, a little bit dark from time to time and always quite timid (in contrast to the multiple other scores of him). The saxophone is the only colorful instrument that's heard, reminding us only in sound to that other score of the year Crimes of the Heart. In fact the only explosion of beauty comes at the end in the form of "La Confession de Lola / Générique Fin", a rare occasion where Delerue can paint (for a couple of seconds) a more hopeful picture for the couple. Again, it's understandable that Descente aux Enfers is not the happy tale, but somehow it could have been a little bit more interesting. Now the score just meanders along, only to awaken us at the end. Besides, that middle rock cue "Baignoire Rock" is unfortunately placed in the middle of the soundtrack, totally out of place. I guess this is only for the die hard (and completist) Delerue fan.

A rare happier cue, "Le Joli Jeune Homme" is a rarity in an otherwise darker dramatic selection.
While not overtly beautiful, the first seconds of "La Confession de Lola / Générique Fin" is typical Delerue loveliness.
It shows that I have to refer to minutes to signal out the better moments of the score.
Score is in general a bit boring as well, effective yet also forgettable.
The hard rock cue is placed smack in the middle, while being the final track on the LP. It should have ended the score here as well.

Track Listing

1. Générique Début (4.00)
2. Alan et Lola (3.31)
3. Bonheur Trompe l'œil (1.07)
4. Le Joli Jeune Homme (1.23)
5. Alan (2.01)
6. La Plage (1.30)
7. Le Spleen d'Alan (3.30)
8. Alan au Bar (2.44)
9. Baignoire Rock (3.29)
10. Descente aux Enfers d'Alan (2.01)
11. Philippe et Lola (1.52)
12. Feu dans la Nuit (2.35)
13. La Mort de Kléber (2.04)
14. La Bouteille à la Mer (1.29)
15. La Confession de Lola / Générique Fin (4.27)

Bonus Tracks
16. Arrivée à l'Hôtel * (1.25)
17. Maîtres Chanteurs * (1.52)
18. Nocturne * (1.01)
19. Flashback Métro * (2.11)
20. Ma Femme Douce, Ma Femme Dure * (1.12)
21. Le Joli Jeune Homme (version alternative) * (1.18)

* Contains partially unreleased music

Total Length: 46.22
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-004 (limited release 2011)