Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Randy Edelman

" Dragon: The Epic Edelman themes "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story just works. Whatever you find simple about it, it's the strength of the melodies, the epic strength of the themes and the love that's pouring out of Edelman's music that makes this score one of his best. And plus, even his Chinese music entertains more than expected. Of course it remains Edelman, and his music could have sounded a lot deeper. But still, it doesn't bother me one bit. Bravo Randy Edelman.

Powerful themes, some of the most epic of Randy Edelman's career.
Of course one is nearly legendary (due to the usage in various trailers, amongst them Forrest Gump), it's amazing version is found in "The Premiere of The Big Boss".
From piano to synthesizers, it rarely felt to fluently as in "The Dragon's Heartbeat", aka one of Edelman's everbest cues.
Sometimes Edelman can truly pour a heart and a soul in his music, Dragon is one of those examples.
Always a questionable debate, Edelman's suspense music. It works and still I have issues with it.
The way the score ends, it should have ended with "The Dragon's Heartbeat".

Track Listing

1. Dragon Theme / A Father's Nightmare (3.33)
2. Yip Man's Kwoon (2.27)
3. Lee Hoi Chuen's Love (2.10)
4. Bruce and Linda (2.44) Excellent track
5. The Challenge Fight Warm-Up (2.13)
6. Sailing on the South China Sea (2.13) Excellent track
7. Fists of Fury (1.16)
8. The Tao of Jeet Kune Do (2.15)
9. Victory at Ed Parker's (1.32) Excellent track
10. Chopsaki (1.11)
11. Brandon (2.04)
12. The Mountain of Gold (0.44)
13. The Premiere of the Big Boss (1.44) Excellent track
14. Fighting Demons (2.36)
15. The Dragon's Heartbeat (5.09) Excellent track
16. First Date (2.16)
17. The Hong Kong Cha-Cha * (3.44)

* Performed by Lynn Ray & Xiao Fen Min

Total Length: 39.51
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Released by

MCA Records MCAD-10827 (regular release 1993)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Randy Edelman, Stuart Balcomb & Greig McRitchie