Dragonheart: Vengeance

Mark McKenzie

" Mark's Dragonheart Fires themes, and lots of em "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Dragonheart flies again, different dragons but they all soar in the sky. Mark McKenzie has been by their sides since the second movie, and each have a story to tell. This Vengeance is sadly limited in scope. Meaning, no orchestra was possible so Mark had to do it all from his very own studio. Does it show? Yes. Does it hurt the experience? A bit. Does it sound poor? Hell no. Because one thing's for sure, good composers always know which buttons to push, sampled or not. Because the beginning and end are downright wonderful. New themes arise and rhythms explode (I love "Never Never Ever Give Up"). Furthermore the score is much more mystical than the previous ones (perhaps it's also due to the sound of the synths), but luckily Mark McKenzie doesn't stop pouring emotion into them. Virtually every track wanders through the speakers with one theme, or a variation of it. Like it uses the opening theme with Edelman's theme in "You're Destined for Greatness". Yes no Dragonheart score without Randy's much beloved theme.

You need to see past the limited sound (and I say this with the utmost respect) of the action music. But I feel a Dragonheart score should sound nothing but orchestral all the time. So "Snake Battle" may sound limited in sound, but the possibilities reach higher once you let your orchestral mind do the work instead. The same counts for "Siveth's Cat Mouse and Dragon Plan", which has solo vocal and a wonderful sense of build up that can only sound 50 times better in orchestral fashion. Luckily emotions never sound cheap, especially with a Mark McKenzie soundtrack. The begin I already explained, the end needs no explanation because it literally soars to the stars. "Hope It All Works For Good" uses the Dragonheart theme of Edelman (naturally), but it goes further with the new themes of the film and even the ideas of Dragonheart 2, my other favorite Mckenzie score of the Dragonheart empire. So let's all agree, begin and end top notch, in the middle solid. Now we just have to start a Crowdfunding to get the London Symphony Orchestra for a re recording and Mark McKenzie' star will shine even more brightly for all of us who know where to look.

Begin and end of this score are so good, melodious and full of emotional goosebumps.
I love Mark's rhythms in "Never Never Ever Give Up".
New themes mean only thing, a composer that knows they're important.
From 2.46 in the final track, ah that's how thematic heaven sounds like! Just brilliant!
I know, Mark's scores should not have bad points, but I feel an orchestral performance could have truly knocked it out of the ballpark.

Track Listing

1. Hold On to Hope in the Dark Times (3.21)
2. Love Changes Everything (2.19)
3. Never Never Ever Give Up (1.44) Excellent track
4. You're Destined for Greatness (2.23) Excellent track
5. You Make Me Feel Magical Inside (1.42)
6. Look at What You Have Left and Not at What You've Lost (2.44) Excellent track
7. Pledged to Peace (1.19)
8. Great Love Surrounds What is Surrounding You (2.04)
9. Snake Battle (2.54)
10. Self-Control Makes You Stronger (4.48)
11. Trying to Kiss You (1.37)
12. Look Behind You! (1.22)
13. Risking Life For Something Bigger Than Yourself (2.07)
14. Siveth's Cat Mouse and Dragon Plan (4.58)
15. Keep Looking Up (2.29)
16. Hope It All Works For Good (9.10) Excellent track

Total Length: 47.01
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Released by

Intrada INT 7159 (regular release 2020)

Composed and produced by

Mark McKenzie