Extreme Prejudice

Jerry Goldsmith

" Must forget 1st part, must repeat second part. "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the expanded release

It's always funny when you revisit scores of yesterday. Goldsmith scores that weren't that great suddenly sound so much better, this because Goldsmith was still better in his average days than most composers today. This due to the fact music of yesterday is never heard anymore today. Another example of this is Extreme Prejudice. Sure the whole album (and especially the first part) isn't that great. Apart from the fun "Extreme Prejudice (un-used trailer score)" the first part is mood, dark textures and a lot of synth. But the moment you get to "The Plan (Original Version)", you know Goldsmith starts rocking the experience. A cue only he could write, it's a fun rhythmic escape that creates this incredible sense of pace. It's orchestral meets electronic and shows a master at work, even if some would call it cheap nowadays. I call it classic Goldsmith. As said, the second part is a lot better. Most notably through the use of a returning Mexican theme (ala Under Fire). It's fun exposure is found in "No Friendlies", it's explosion is for "A Deal / End Credits", another Goldsmith treat.

I honestly didn't care much for the dark suspense, nor its uninteresting first part. But what Goldsmith rectifies in the second part proves this score didn't need the expanded treatment. Only it's upgraded sound improvement. Extreme Prejudice has faults, but it has delights too. And if you're a Goldsmith fanatic, those delights will rectify what needs to be forgotten.

Several cues that make it once again to my ultimate Goldsmith playlist.
10 minutes go by so fast with "The Plan Original Version", a cue like only Goldsmith could write.
Another fun theme, the Mexican one and its delights are heard during the final track.
Synths, take it or leave it but they will always divide fans.
The score is too long, the expanded treatment is not necessary, the first part is rather boring.

Track Listing

1. Extreme Prejudice (un-used trailer score) (2.15)
2. Carolco Logo * (0.18)
3. Arrivals / Main Title (5.21)
4. Cash (7.29)
5. Next Time * (0.23)
6. The Set Up (3.22)
7. Dust (4.18)
8. A Nice Fellow * (1.31)
9. The Plan * (2.04)
10. The Bank (Pts. 1,2 & 3) * (5.00)
11. The Bank (Pt. 4) * (1.33)
12. The Plan (original version) (9.23) Excellent track
13. Identities (1.49)
14. To Mexico (3.07)
15. No Friendlies (2.42)
16. Positions * (0.53)
17. They Don't Care (3.30)
18. Fighting & Dying * (2.14)
19. The Funeral ** (2.12)
20. A Deal / End Credits (4.40) Excellent track

* Never before released
** Not used

Total Length: 64.04
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Released by

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1028 (expanded release 2005)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Alexander Courage, Vladimir Horunzhy & Arthur Morton