Father of the Bride Part II

Alan Silvestri

" Every party has a Silvestri, that why we're hearing you "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

As usual, Hollywood goes for more when something is sweet, charming and cashes in at the box offices. So several years after the Father gave the bride away, Father of the Bride Part II was released. Bringing back the same like able cast of characters, and the same people at the helm. So be ready for more of Alan Silvestri's charming melodies, albeit a bit more hidden here amongst the several songs. Returning for the ride is Annie's charming little theme, opening "Annie Returns", and delivering a nostalgic feeling in "Remembering Annie (Basketball Montage)" (though here a little less magical through Randy Waldman's singing). The main theme is of course present as well, still being hugely love-able when unleashing all the right kind of emotions in various tracks. And there are a couple of heroic outbursts of typical Silvestri charm too, this in "Jubilant George" and "George Walks".

In truth, there isn't that much difference in Father of the Bride Part II if you compare it with Father of the Bride, but it's still lovely and endearing. And the fact it's still based on several themes teaches the many romantic scores of today a lesson in theme writing. Missing is the going berserk music of the first, but replacing it is the upbeat style in "Rush Down Corridor". In short nothing new under the sun, but still as endearing as Silvestri could deliver them.

Silvestri could do this style soooooo well.
Themes returning, ideas returning, ah Father of the Bride moments returning.
The songs which are fine interrupt the possibility for more score.
Making this second score a bit of a missed chance, you'll fare better with the first one instead.

Track Listing

1. Give Me the Simple Life: Steve Tyrell (3.16)
2. Annie Returns (0.47)
3. Jubilant George (3.55)
4. The Way You Look Tonight: Steve Tyrell (4:.33)
5. New Baby Suite (1.20)
6. At Last: Etta James (3.01)
7. When The Saints Go Marching In: Fats Domino (2.25)
8. Summer Montage (1.42)
9. George Walks (3.14)
10. Remembering Annie (Basketball Montage): Randy Waldman (1.56)
11. We're Having a Baby (1.45)
12. Rush Down Corridor (1.30)
13. George Tells a Story (5.25)
14. On the Sunny Side of the Street: Steve Tyrell (2.53)
15. End Credits Suite (2.58) Excellent track

Total Length: 39.28
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Released by

Hollywood Records 0927-45475-2 (regular release 1995)

Conducted by

Alan Silvestri

Orchestrations by

William Ross