Randy Edelman

" Hardly anything wrong with it, but hardly memorable either "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Even though it was MacGyver that put him on the map with that undeniable catchy theme, and even though The Chipmunk Adventure somehow started his filmcareer, it was 1988 that sky rocketed Randy Edelman's career in the movie business. The sensational hit Twins and the low budget cop movie Feds were responsible for that. For Feds Edelman started with what he's known for, namely delivering typical cheery melodic music. Because how else would you describe the insanely catchy rhythm and melodic opener "On to Washington", going through the motion with the catchy main theme and the clever 80's beats. Sadly Feds loses its charm a bit after that. The Faltermeyer (scratch that the MacGyver) beat and sound makes "Ellie's Theme" cool as hell for all you 80's fans out there, all the while Edelman's other handiwork brings suspense and threat to "The Bank" (of course in the never failing 'let's make it not too dark' Edelman kind of way). But apart from the undeniable never failing 80's beat in "Let's Kick But" and "Ain't no Piece of Cake", the score is sadly full of little short cues that don't deliver anything meaningful at all. Though the music's cute as hell, Edelman doesn't necessarily unleash his best themes here. The songs in between are serviceable but aren't exactly the classics of the 80's, leaving very little to remember it by. Apart from the opening track, it's pretty disposable and not really worth your money.

That opening track is cool enough.
In truth, Feds holds very little to get excited about.

Track Listing

1. On to Washington (2.45)
2. Ellie's Theme (1.30)
3. The Bank (2.19)
4. You Have the Right to Remain Silent (0.45)
5. Main Goal: Joe Louis Walker (3.43)
6. Exam Cram (0.26)
7. Let's Kick Butt (2.48)
8. All Lips 'n Hips: Electric Boys (4.05)
9. Lights Are on But Nobody's Home: Albert Collins (4.32)
10. Good Plan (1.36)
11. The Date (1.27)
12. Bilecki's Scam (1.25)
13. I Met a Sailor (0.33)
14. Special Kinda Lovin': Roy Gaines and Barry Goldberg (3.12)
15. Ain't No Piece of Cake (1.33)
16. Flunking Out (0.50)
17. On the Move (1.30)
18. Final Assault (1.25)
19. Graduation (1.20)

Total Length: 37.44
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Released by

GNP Crescendo GNPD 8014 (regular release 1988)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro