First Blood

Jerry Goldsmith

" It's good to hear your voice Jerry! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Rambo II and Rambo III were preceded by First Blood, the world's introduction to the character John Rambo. The movie was very successful, and for Jerry Goldsmith it was an introduction to one of his most beloved themes. That theme opens and closes the score, with the final cue being the most noteworthy. In between, Goldsmith creates tension, suspense, and action. in "Mountain Hunt" Goldsmith uses for the first time (and only time) the main theme in its blazing action version, but after that it's a lot of eeriness and suspense, putting you right into the hunt and the chase itself. The score is not as action packed as Rambo II or III, it builds more on the survival and suspense of the chase itself. The few moments it unleashes hell and excitement are then extremely powerful. But First Blood is foremost the eerier brother to the other 2. So be warned, even though it gives one hell of a finale in "It's a Long Road", it remains my least favorite Rambo score. It offers the themes and the sounds we've remembered of the second and third score, but in a less action packed design. It's good, just moodier.

Introduction to the theme that would become one of his all time best.
It still remains incredibly exciting, the main theme as action statement ("Mountain Hunt").
What a send off in "It's a Long Road", still my most favorite moment of the score.
This score is a lot angrier, edgier and eerier than the other Rambo scores. (second part of Mountain Hunt", "The Razor").

Track Listing

1. Home Coming (2.28)
2. Escape Route (2.43)
3. First Blood (4.41)
4. The Tunnel (4.06)
5. Hanging Out (3.35)
6. Mountain Hunt (6.10)
7. My Town (2.00)
8. The Razor (3.14)
9. No Power (2.56)
10. Over the Cliff (2.09)
11. It's a Long Road (2.58) Excellent track
12. It's a Long Road: Dan Hill (3.21)

Total Length: 40.21
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD 302-066-155 (regular release 2000)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton