Randy Edelman

" Fourscore and seven years ago ... "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the deluxe edition

The Deluxe Commemorative Edition of Gettysburg is one for the civil war fans amongst us. Pictures, information and maps will only interest those looking for the more expensive package. For filmmusic fans it's the second CD of unreleased material. Not that this second CD offers many riches, because what needs to be there is already available on the 1 disc release. And that 1 disc release is Randy Edelman at his best. True, an orchestral performance of this baby would probably be even better, but somehow this just works. Several knockout moments make sure of that. One of the best of Edelman.

Stirring theme opens and closes the Gettysburg experience, another one of Edelman's finest moments.
"Fife and Gun", an overtly fun cue that's full of wit and playful charm (even the synthesized nature doesn't distract too much).
Diversity in the stirring action pieces, "Battle of Little Round Top", "The First Battle" and "Over the Fence" are completely different.
And these moments are equally powerful, moments of typical Randy Edelman grandeur.
Enough room for calmer material too, the guitar creates overtime.
Hearing the grandeur of these tracks, one wished it would have been orchestral (luckily the theme returns often on various Boston Pops compilations).
As with most Edelman albums, the suspense material can always be a little better (no matter if it actually works or not).
The second CD, the element that doubles the prize of this deluxe edition doesn't offer any unreleased treasures.

Track Listing

CD 1: 57.27
1. Main Title (4.36) Excellent track
2. Men of Honour (2.57)
3. Battle of Little Round Top (3.58) Excellent track
4. Fife and Gun (3.03) Excellent track
5. General Lee at Twilight (1.25)
6. The First Battle (2.41) Excellent track
7. Dawn (1.59)
8. From History to Legend (2.57)
9. Over The Fence (4.12) Excellent track
10. We Are the Flank (2.16)
11. Charging up the Hill (2.24)
12. Dixie (2.27)
13. General Lee's Solitude (3.41)
14. Battle at Devil's Den (1.46)
15. Killer Angel (4.43)
16. March to Mortality (Pickett's Charge) (3.19) Excellent track
17. Kathleen Mavourneen (3.18)
18. Reunion and Finale (5.45) Excellent track

CD 2: 44.38
1. Gettysburg / Revisited (2.18)
2. Old Friends (2.49)
3. Buford's Decisive Determination (1.47)
4. They're Coming Again! (3.43)
5. To The Queen! (3.19)
6. Pickett's Complaint (2.33)
7. Kilrain's Ride (1.36)
8. Soldier's Irony & Close Call (6.57)
9. Refuse The Line! (3.10)
10. We Will Prevail! (1.50)
11. Message From Alexander (1.42)
12. Freemantle & Armistead (4.51)
13. Hancock & Kemper Are Shot (2.23)
14. Armistead Is Hit (3.12)
15. The Gettysburg Address * (2.28)

* Recited by Jeff Daniels
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Released by

Milan Records 7 3138 35847-2 (deluxe edition 1993)

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro