Gli Angeli del potere

Ennio Morricone

" Maria e gli angel is a painstaking subdued composition, for slow strings and fragile melodic phrases of the solo violin. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the regular release

Gli Angeli del potere (The Angels of Power) is a 1988 tv film directed Giorgio Albertazzi, which is based on the Czech play Marie zápasí s andÄ›ly, written by Pavel Kohout. The story concerns itself with a theatre actress, who because of her anticipation in the Prague spring of 1968, committed suicide. Very little is known about the tv film itself, but some of Morricone´s score was released on a compilation by Fonit Cetra records under the name Original TV Soundtracks Morricone, Ortolani, Piovani. The four released tracks do give some insight on the kind of score Morricone wrote, but it is uncertain how much is missing.

Based upon all the information available, the tv flm is best described as a political drama, which immediately brings forward memories of Sacco e Vanzetti. The protest songs of that film were debatable in context, and Gli Angeli del Potere features a similar approach, with the anti-war song named Primavera e Praga. I can only comment on the musical experience of this song, which is a very rewarding listening. There is a great soprano singing in Italian, a male and female chorus, some organ, strings and a popular beat, supported by a great melodic line. It is a glorious piece of work.

Una triste festa is an instrumental variation based on Primavera e Praga, smaller in scale and a playful cue. The core of the song´s composition is carried over to the lovely driving force of bass strings and bells, which enable the cue to have a slightly comical, mickey-mousing type of approach. It´s lively progression is occasionally interrupted for brief threat statements of strings,brass and piano and later by sad solo violin, but each time returning to the core. I like how the composer gradually builds towards a more dramatic feel by overlaying the solo violin with the driving strings and bells, and by replacing one or both of them

La finestra e un violino is a evocative extension of the great solo violin performances, which were all performed by Franco Tamponi, a frequent musician throughout the resume of the maestro . It is best described as a combination of the whirling string ina cue likeThe Hawk (La Megliore Offerta) and hypnotic light strings. The fourth cue, Maria e gli angeli, is a painstaking subdued composition, for slow strings and fragile melodic phrases of the solo violin.

I am eternally grateful that some of Gli Angeli del potere' brilliant music was made available, but it provides me with no solace not knowing what else is still unreleased.


18. La finestra e un violino (02:53)
19. Primavera e Praga (04:06)
20. Maria e gli angeli (02:44)
21. Una triste festa (05:43)

(written 21-07-2019)
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Released by

Fonit Cetra (regular release 1996)