Guy de Maupassant

Georges Delerue

" Everything is a waltz for Delerue "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Everything is a waltz, and everything is a dance. Guy de Maupassant is a very specific work for a specific audience. The title already confirms it, but this particular piece will not immediately sell everyone. It's detailed, and it's all very well written, but you'll have to be admirer of waltzes, classical ball music and polka's of all sorts. The thematic MOVIE voice of Delerue is rather absent here, save for a couple of moments where the theme of Something Wicked This Way Comes comes through in variation in "Générique" (which is a nice surprise). But for the most part, this score is a source album for the period and the time which Guy de Maupassant takes place in. An acquired taste and one I generally didn't favor much. Strangely I'm getting more satisfaction from the bonus cues, which are versions for flute and guitar, based on themes of previous Delerue scores. There is a lot more emotion and movie magic coming from those cues, enough to restore the faith you lost whilst perhaps listening to this score. Again not for everyone, but a couple of moments and bonus tracks compensate for that.

Track Listing

1. Établissement Thermal (2.06)
2. Générique (1.43) Excellent track
3. Petite Musique (1.11)
4. Thème de Fanny (1.43)
5. Polka (3.04)
6. Valse Grenouillère (3.43)
7. Valse Dame en Gris (2.31)
8. Piano Thème Polka (3.26)
9. Arrivée de Gisèle Dans l'Orgie (1.27)
10. Quatuor de la Comtesse (4.41)
11. Polka Grenouillère 0.52)
12. Polka du Final (2.08)
13. Valse du Final (2.03)
14. Thème de Gisèle Final (2.22)

Bonus Tracks
15. Ballade Romantique * (1.47)
16. Théme de Sybille (Thibaud the Crusader) * (2.06)
17. Brouillard (Jules et Jim) * (2.49)
18. Alexandrine (Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine) * (2.08)
19. Luigi (Chère Louise) * (2.46) Excellent track
20. Thème de Fanny (Guy de Maupassant) ** (3.23)

* "Pièces pour flûte et guitare" de Georges Delerue interprétées par Patrick Healey et isabelle Héroux
** Version pour flûte et hautbois interprétée par Patrick Healey et Hélène Déry

Total Length: 47.59
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Released by

Disques CinéMusique DCM 127 (regular release 2011)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue