Hider in the House

Christopher Young

" Haunting vocals wheel you in, underscore pushes you out "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Hider in the House will surely be a film that some people will enjoy (and will have enjoyed). It strikes me as a typical decent Saturday afternoon flick, with a (supposedly) strikingly good villain (Gary Busey). Anyway, for the music they turned to (then already) known horror / thriller specialist Christopher Young. And the effort you receive here has the typical thriller underscore, with a little more refinement from time to time. The opening track is already a whopper ... in length, and has a powerful haunting opening and end. The solo vocals are truly a genius idea of Young, too bad the remaining 15 minutes are spent on typical eerie underscore and occasional atonal horror. Again not too shabby, but not something you want to spend 15 minutes on.

What follows after this is sadly much of the same, without those haunting vocals. Making the score a decent but typical background score that will have its function inside the picture. On CD it's decent as well, but again lacking the masterful touch of Young. "Invisible" has occasional glimpses of warmth, but the majority remains eerie underscore that functions a little harder away from screen. The most powerful track (at least in sound level) will be "Reversing Colors", but again it doesn't reach the standards a Christopher Young score should have. Then "At Peace" does it better, turning back to the haunting (and most heavenly) vocals now, giving not only a sense of relief, but also a sense of fulfillment for the listener. It basically listens as Brainstorm at times, but at least it's the best the CD has to offer. All in all, Hider in the House is decent, but only portions of the score will linger a little longer in the mind. Making it "not enough" to recommend it for a repeated listen.

Track Listing

1. The Hider (18.27)
2. A Place Like Home (1.54)
3. Momentary Bliss (3.29)
4. Invisible (7.24)
5. Reversing Colors (4.42)
6. At Peace (4.12)

Total Length: 40.08
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Released by

Intrada MAF 7007D (regular release 1990)

Orchestrations by

Jeff Atmajian & Christopher Young

Performed by

The Graunke Symphony Orchestra